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Do not lighten the shortness of the nose

The nose is one of the five senses of our body. Breathing in breathing, increasing nasal bone and diarrhea, filling sinus and being allergic is a common problem. Sinus infections cause swelling in the sinus membrane. Due to sinus, pus or mucus is filled in the air space, causing the sinus to stop. Due to this, pain in the head, cheeks and upper jaw starts to cause.

Sinus is a cavity filled in our skull, which helps keep our head light and breathe. Our breath goes through this pouch to the lungs. The dirt that comes with air in this bag i.e. dust and other types of dirt is stopped and thrown out. When the path of sinus stops i.e. the way to get rid of mucus, there is a danger of a disease called sinocytesis. Because of this, your energy decreases, sleep has a bad effect. The power of your smell and taste becomes weak and there is trouble in breathing too.

Sinus disease is a common disease that is caused by infection or allergic reactions. Nasal closure in this disease causes breathing, but most people do not know that this problem can increase in the humidity environment.

If sinocytes may occur

  • There is a change in voice
  • Headache and heavyness
  • Mucus in the nose and throat
  • Light fever stays
  • There is a pain in the teeth
  • Stay tired of stress
  • Swelling on the face
  • There is a complaint of yellow fluid falling from the nose

How to Avoid Sinus

Sinus human body has cavity filled in the scalp, which moisten our head and moisture in air.

Sickness from any infection, long lasting cold, can lead to sinus disorders. The empty space of the bones of the face is called sinus.

There is a problem of headache due to sinus circulation. But the cause of all headaches is not only sinus. Many times the cause of pain may also be migraine and stress.


Steamer or steam

If there is a blockage in the nose, then steam. Turn off fan, cooler and AC while taking steam. Cover the cloth on the head and steam it with nose and mouth for 8-10 minutes. Do not go in the air for 20 minutes after taking steam.


Warm cloth or hot water bottle should be placed on the top of the chest. It gives a lot of comfort.

Onions and garlic

If you are a seer, then onion and garlic will be very beneficial. Add it to your diet. At the same time it can also eat raw.

carrot juice

Carrot juice will help in cure of sinus. It can also mix beet, spinach or cucumber juice.

With no treatment at the right time of sinus, it gradually becomes migraine. Most women are affected by this disease. For the treatment of this, doctors take medicines in the beginning, but surgery has to be done when the illness increases.

Some panacea home tips to open the closed nose

1. If the nose is closed in cold, then take 10 grams of ore in a clean cloth bundle and heat it on the pan. Again, smell of it again rests in cold, the closed nose opens, the dirty water gets out and the heaviness of the head disappears.

2. Take one spoonful honey, half a teaspoon of lemon juice in lukewarm water for a few months, it will balance your immune system and you will definitely get the benefits of allergic related problems.

3. Only two to three drops of garlic juice in your nose, it is a simple home remedy for opening a closed nose.

4. And in the end, I think that the oil of kalyanji, which in addition to death, is to get rid of all the diseases, Insa Allah will benefit in and out of the nose.

The nose work should not be taken from the mouth, that is, jesus is often used to breathe in the mouth because it is called a major disease. If the nose is closed, then in the morning, close the nose hole on one side, breathe it and leave it with the other nose hole. Similarly, on the other side also, long-term breathing and leave. Surely, by the will of Allah, every medicine and every racer will benefit from it, so once you show your nose to the nearest doctor too. Damage is from everything in the world, but God kept it safe.

If you have the problem of ear, nose, throat then should consult the doctor or you can book an appointment through credihealth it is a medical assistant company who help the patient to finding the best doctors and hospitals. Like if you live in Mumbai and  seeking an  ENT Specialist in Mumbai  then you can online hassle appointment through credihealth. 

Urologist in Mumbai

How to find the Best Urologist in Mumbai

With age, it is natural to encompass diseases, but many people ignore their signs while taking these problems seriously. Problems with urinary tract system and reproductive organs are very common in such problems. The person suffering from these problems should contact the specialist doctor i.e. urologists as soon as possible so that they can get rid of it. Dr. Pradeep Rao, urologist of Global Hospital Mumbai, is showing similar symptoms, with whom the patient should contact the doctor as soon as possible.

Erectile dysfunction

The problem of not having adequate erection for satisfactory sexual intercourse is called erectile dysfunction. This is a situation in which men are unable to maintain adequate erection for sexual intercourse. This problem is also seen as malnutrition in men. About 30-50% men aged 40-70 years suffer from this problem. On such a problem, the person should immediately contact the urologist, as it can cause many serious diseases such as hypertension, vascular disease and obesity. By treating it in time, you can save yourself from these serious diseases.

Urine leakage (prevention of urination)

A very active bladder or incontinence urine is such a problem, that no man or woman wants to be infected, even though about 11-16 percent of men are suffering from this problem in old age. Prostate may also be responsible for this problem. Indeed, the increased prostate obstructs urinary flow by damaging the muscles and nerves, but with the help of positive changes, medicines and surgery in the lifestyle, this situation can be overcome to a great extent.

Urine to blood

If you have blood with urine, then consider this problem as minor, do not mistake it and immediately contact urologist. Blood may come from urine as a sign of bladder or kidney cancer. This is happening due to cancer or there is no other health problem behind it. To find out, doctors can suggest urine test, X-ray, cystoscopy. Actually, coming to Burden from Urine is a serious health problem, so its timely treatment is very important.

Pain or swelling in the testicles

If your testicular tumor has pain and swelling problems for more than two weeks or more then contact urologist instead of ignoring it. This problem can be a symptom of tastric cancer, so make sure to check up, so that you can find out the true cause of your health problem. If at the right time it is identified and treated, then there is a scope for it to be avoided.

Pain and trouble during urine

Infection through the bacteria can infect any part of the urinary tract, so the urologist should contact him so that he can find out the true cause and suggest appropriate treatment for you. Although this is not a very serious disease, but having this problem, there is pain and pain while urinating. The second reason behind this problem can be to increase the size of the prostate, which is a common problem among people with increasing age. However, it is easy to get rid of this problem by taking timely treatment. If you are searching in Urologist in Mumbai then you book an appointment through credihealth it is the medical assistant company who help the patients to find the best doctors and hospitals in your city

Gynecologist in Jaipur

Symptoms of severe diseases occurring in women

Many diseases related to women are very common, such as – pregnancy problems, menopause, overian and breast cancer. Apart from these there may be some medical conditions which affect the health of women. However, some diseases affect women and men alike. But sometimes some diseases can create serious conditions for women. We are telling you some common diseases related to women which women should never ignore.

POC Polycystic Overy Syndrome

This is a hormonal disorder. Its biggest identity is that it suddenly increases the weight. Mahaviya gets irregular. Acne problem and baldness also occur. This problem is common among women. About 1 to 10 women get this problem in the age of childbirth. Fatality of this disease is that 5% of about 10 women are prone to diabetes due to POC, high blood pressure, heart disease and infertility.

Frozen shoulder

In this situation, there is a pain in the capsules surrounding the shoulders that is joint cells. This problem is higher in women than men. Usually, this problem can be seen more in people from 40 to 65 years of age.


This is a revolutionary disorder. Its symptoms are similar to that of arthritis. However, there is a great difference between these two diseases. However, the major difference between these two diseases is that RA fibromyalgia is not complicated in any way due to swelling of joints. Feeling tired, feeling fatigue and heavyness in the morning symptoms of this disease.


It is also known as Systemic Lupus Arithmetosis. This problem is due to a malfunction in the immune system. Its symptoms include fever, chest pain, joints pain, tightness and skin lesions. This disease usually disturbs women during the age of reproduction.


Although cancer affects both men and women alike, but there are many types of cancer, some are found only in women. Ovarian cancer, cervical cancer and breast cancer usually happen to women. But along with it, some other types of cancer-like skin cancer, lung cancer, colorectal cancer primarily affect women. Research has also found that in 14 per cent of women, the cause of cancer is due to excessive use of tobacco. Research has proven one more thing if women do breast feeds, they are less likely to have breast cancer.

Pelvic inflammatory disease

PID usually damages the uterus and fallopian tubes due to sexually transmitted diseases such as gonorrhea and claudiadia. Due to which women complain of swelling and pain in the pelvis. Also the risk of infertility increases.

In addition to these diseases women can face serious illnesses such as multiple slimorosis, chronic fatigue syndrome, restless leg syndrome, dryness of women, and women from all over the world. So do not be late and consult with best Gynecologist in Jaipur through Credihealth website or call on 8010994994 at trusted hospitals

nephrologist in jaipur

Kidney problems in children

6 year-old Nishant was constantly upset with fever. He sacrificed urine in a little while and used to cry twice every time. His fever was treated for several months, but there was no improvement in health. When his urine examination and sonography was done on the advice of the doctor, it was discovered that Nishant’s kidney was damaged. It is generally believed that kidney-related diseases make adults only their victims, but children are not untouched by them. Yes, this disease is different from the adults in children. In some cases it has also been found genetically, but there are other major causes also. Let’s see what are the problems related to kidney in children. Congenital defects: Some children are found to be affected during pregnancy only during pregnancy. Careful investigation of mother’s sonography reveals swelling in the kidneys. Swelling in the kidney means obstruction in the urine tube. This type of illness in the fetus can be due to lack of water in the mother’s stomach.

Even if the kidney problems have been found in the family, even infants can be affected. If there is any problem of kidney in the fetus, then it is better to get sonography immediately after birth. Neighborhood Syndrome: Some 2 to 8 year olds have had symptoms of nephromatic syndrome. In this, proteins leak in the child’s kidneys.

Because of this, there may be swelling in the body, lack of urine and sometimes blood pressure problems. The main risk of this disease is infections and inflammation. Its treatment runs longer but it is easy. Occasionally kidney biopsy has to be done.

Carefulness is very important in this case because even after understanding the time-constraints of the child, the child may die. Pissing on the bed: This is a common problem for young children. This problem occurs in 15% of children up to 5 years and remains in any child till the age of 15 years. This problem is also a problem of kidney failure, but it is treated only with medicines.

After 5 years, it is necessary to take medicines. Infections in urinary tract: Infections in the urinary tract often disturb children. In boys it is more in the first year of birth, but girls have been seen more than once after one year. In this disease the child is disturbed by fever and repeatedly discard urine.

The thing to note is that the child cries while sacrificing urine. Normally it is treated as a fever or cold-cold symptom. This increases the risk of kidney damage. Due to late, pus becomes in the kidney, so it is difficult to save the patient.

It is better to have urine or persistent fever if urine tests and sonography should be done so that the patient’s life can be saved. Stones: Although it is amazing, but small children are also victims of stones. Due to this, there is also something different that means that the kidneys have a defect, calcium or other substances in urine, genetics of the family, drink water less or do not sacrifice urine for too long. This disease is more in children who do not go to school to pee throughout the day.

Its common symptoms include severe pain in the stomach, bleeding in the urine and fever. In the families who have already become cardiac stones, they should get sonography by seeing such symptoms in children. Drinking more and more water every 2-3 hours is effective in avoiding this disease. Careful attention can be saved from kidney damage to the kidneys.

Lack of water: Many times the lack of water in the body is affected by the kidney. For example, due to vomiting during diarrhea, the water in the body gets reduced due to diarrhea. In such a situation, due to the decrease in the supply of blood in the kidney, many problems arise, therefore, vomiting – whenever the child’s urine is reduced only during diarrhea, get it checked. Treatment: Treatment of most problems related to the kidneys is possible, provided the disease can be caught on time.

If the treatment is too late, it is difficult to cure the kidney completely. If kidneys are completely damaged then transplantation is the only permanent treatment. If the second kidney is not available, then the dialysis remains as a temporary treatment. Dialysis is also of two types: Peritoneal Dialysis and Heemo Dialysis.

CAPD (Continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis) is better for younger children because this does not make any problem for the child doing daily work. General symptoms: Whenever there is a problem in the kidney, some of these symptoms appear in the body: 0 Swelling in the face or body 0 Weight gain not increase 0 Dosage of the child 0 Vomiting 0 Restricting or decrease in urine or bleeding Generally, these symptoms are also seen in other diseases, so kidney disease is not quickly caught. In such a case, prevention is possible only by being vigilant. Investigations: Three major screening of children is essential for finding kidney problem- only in the investigation of urine, sonography and bloodline creatinin.

Some children may also have to undergo MCU (a particular type of x-ray) and kidney biopsy (removal of a small piece of kidney). It is only ok to take help from the child pediatrician or best Nephrologist in Jaipur for the tests at top trusted hospitals through Credihealth website.

Urologist in Jaipur

Prostate – Symptoms, treatment and herbal remedies

Friends today, a reader has asked for advice about the operation of his father’s prostate disease, for herbal remedies and also what is the disease.
Let’s discuss –

  • Problems related to prostate are commonly found in men who have been over 50 years old.
  • Until recently, it was the only remedy to completely remove the prostate gland by the operation and there were some problems with it too. Such as problems in relinquishment of urine, control of urination was exhausted, or routine became disorganized.
  • Nowadays, this disease is removed by Trans Urethral Resection (TUR).

Why does this disease happen?

  • The base of the prostate bladder is a grinding column in which there is a hole. Eurethra (the tube from which urine exits) passes through this hole.
  • Usually the size of the granite is equal to a golf ball. But if there is this disease, its size can also be equal to apples. As a result, the diameter of the hole is reduced. Due to this, the pressure on the urethra increases and urinary evacuation is interrupted.

Symptoms of Prostate

Early symptoms are found primarily – to go back to urine repeatedly, not to be completely empty of urinary bladder, irritation after some urinary renunciation, and urinary evacuation tendency increases over time. Every 20-30 minutes has to go repeatedly to relieve urine. After some time the amount of urine decreases and the urinary tract becomes completely disrupted. It is necessary to get treatment immediately.

What herbal remedies can do in its initial stage?

  • Lycopene and antioxidants are found in tomato, which prevents cancer from flourishing. By eating two tomatoes per day, the risk of prostate cancer decreases to 50%. Eat tomatoes at least twice a week.
  • Caffine is found in tea and coffee. The caffeine hardens the upper part of the stomach and increases the problem of prostate’s patient. Therefore, do not use things containing kefins.

Pumpkin / grapes contain an important element called gink, which rests in this disease. Take out the pumpkin seeds and compress it. Then grind it into a mixer and make powder. Take this powder in the amount of 25-30 grams daily. After some time taking the water with the prostate sycadar pee comes openly.

  • Grind the linseed powder into the mixer and make powder. Drink this powder of 20-25 gms in water and drink it twice a day.
  • Most of my patients have described it as a rest.

If the condition of the disease has increased, then what is the treatment?

There is an operation called TUR Operation.

TUR Operation

  • In this the device named Rectoscope is transported to the bladder. This operation is performed by giving anesthesia to the patient. A powerful lens is inserted at one end of this device in which the surgeon can see the whole process. Then, the current of the high frequency is sent in this string. In which small pieces of tissues are done.
  • Slowly the prostate hole becomes larger so that the urine is easily accessible. Now this place burns with an electrical appliance to stop bleeding, which we call “cartridge” in the medical language.
  • Clean the remaining tissues and blood particles with the catheter (rubber hose). Sometimes a patient feels stubbornness or some strange tingling while sacrificing urine, which is removed after a few weeks. After this operation the patient may have to stay in the hospital for 1-2 weeks.
  • After the operation, the patient gets treated with drip for 1-2 days and after that he can eat normal food. The patient can do light work after two weeks but should not carry heavy stuff or do heavy work. After 3 weeks, most patients are able to do heavy work too. After this operation, most patients get control over their urine.
  • Occasionally some patients may develop the larynx even after the operation, then the operation can be done again, in which the doctor has removed a lot of the gland.

Therefore, you are advised that if you are unable to recover through normal treatment, then consult with best Urologist in Jaipur, try to remove the disease as soon as possible so that your health can be good. If your information is also suffering from this disease, then by giving this information to you, take the responsibility of being a responsible citizen.

gynecology in Chennai

Gynecologist – Know Where to Find a Great One

Leukorrhea is known as leukocyte or white water from the vagina. It is not always a symptom of the disease. Most of the women are in this wrong fact that due to white water there is weakness in the body, there is dizziness, there is pain in the body. The brightness goes away from the body; false beliefs are prevalent in some parts of India and the country of Patos.

There Are Two Important Reasons Why White Water Released.

Symptoms of illness

  1. Naturally
  • White water is usually found in some quantities in women.
  • Especially after menstruation (menstrual), after menstruation, ovulation and libido are natural at the time of emergence.
  • No treatment is needed for this. Counseling, correct information is enough.
  1. Symptom of the disease

White leprosy or leukorrhea or “white water coming” is a disease of women in which abnormal amount of white-colored white and stinking water is released from the vagina and due to which they become very weak and weak. White fever disease is common among women. This is a water-like discharge from the genitals. It is not a disease itself but it is due to many other diseases.

White suppressor is not really a disease, but is a symptom of any other vaginal or congenital heart disease; Or it is usually congenital of inflammation in reproductive organs.

Other symptoms

  • Itching of the vagina
  • Back pain
  • dizziness
  • Weakness
  • reason
  • Hypoglycemia

If you’re looking for the best gynecologist in chennai, then Credihealth is an incredible answer for you. Call at 91-8010994994 and our experts will make an easy appointment with the best gynecologist near you. Now, you can also avail Crediplus membership at Rs. 199/- for one-year. It includes first consultation FREE at top hospitals, 30% OFF on diagnostic test and medicines ordered via Credihealth, Rs. 50/- cashback on every appointment, and much more!

Medanta Hospital Gurgaon

Treatment of Neuro disease – Dr. Arun Garg at Medanta Hospital Gurgaon

Treatment of Neuroscopic Disease can be possible by coordination of medicine and spirituality. These things came out at the national level seminar organized by the Gurgaon Neurological Society in Medanta – Medicity Hospital Gurgaon. Several serious neuro-related illnesses were discussed in detail in the seminar. During this time, details of changes in treatment of many incurable diseases and expansion of new inventions were explained.
Several issues were discussed in a two-day seminar. During this time many new issues came out on neuro-science, neurology and neuro surgery. Mainly discussed in detail in the headache. It was told that using medicine including spirituality has succeeded in many cases. Anand Sain, President of Tata Steel inaugurated the seminar. On this occasion, he appreciated the work of the Gurgaon Neurological Society and hoped that this seminar will result in better results.
Dr. Arun Garg is best Neurologist in Gurgaon said that more than one hundred people in Gurgaon (Haryana)  suffer from myasthenia gravis. This case is quite in Gurgaon, whereas a patient gets a population of one lakh per population. Dr. Rajeev Goyal said that there are many cures for this disease.

Affordable and effective drug for epilepsy treatment

  • Epidemiology (epilepsy) was discussed in detail in the seminar.
  • It was told that cheaper and effective medicines for the treatment of epilepsy have come into the market. For this, the options of the surgery were discussed in detail.
  • More than 200 delegates from across the country arrive at Medanta Hospital Gurgaon.
  • All information including changes made by physicians
  • The views of these practitioners.
  • Discussion on these diseases
  • Difficulties in nerves due to back pain
  • DBS (Deep Brain Steamilation)
  • Brain hemorrhage and head injection
  • Parkinson Disease
  • Epilepsy
  • Migraines or headaches
  • Atlanto axl dislocation
  • Discussion on these diseases today
  • Gyasomas prevention, Neurological disorder of dementia, nerves during sleep.

Nanavati Hospital : One of the Best Hospital in City of Mumbai

Nanavati Hospital is one of the best hospital in city of mumbai. This hospital is very popular for own healthcare services. Big name is come in this hospital for treatment. Once Shahrukh Khan also launched the Bone Marrow Transplant and Berting Center at the 2017 in Nanavati Hospital.

On this occasion, Shah Rukh did many new disclosures while talking to the media. Shahrukh surprised everyone by saying that when his son Abram was born, his life was in danger and Nanavati doctors saved his life. We all know how much love Shahrukh loves for his little son, Abraam, how can Abraam’s health be so important to him. Nonetheless, nowadays Abram is completely healthy and SRK often shares his photographs with them in social media.

Shahrukh Khan also talked about his attachment to Nanavati Hospital. He said, “Doctor Ali has taken great care of mine, my sister and my younger son Abram, when Abram was born, we brought him here, my son’s life was saved here, in this hospital my mother’s The name of the ward is also named after the name. ” Shahrukh further said that I have been coming here for 25 years, my sister’s treatment has also happened here.

Nanavati hospital also offered amazing healthcare facilities in mumbai.

  1. Accident and Emergency Center
  2. Anaesthesiology specialists & Pain Management
  3. Arthritis and Joint Replacements
  4. Arthroscopy
  5. Bariatric Surgery
  6. Bone Marrow Transplant
  7. Breast Surgery
  8. Cardiology
  9. Critical Care
  10. Dentistry
  11. Dermatology
  12. Diabetic Foot Care
  13. Diabetology
  14. Digestive & Liver Care
  15. Emotional  Counselling
  16. Endocrinlogy

If you have victim of any diseases like cancer, heart problems, ent problems, kidney, liver transplant, eyes problems, skin problems then you can book appointment at Nanavati hospital mumbai through Credihealth. Credihealth is one-stop solution that fits all your medical requirements. It has in-house experts who help to keep an appointment with right doctor near you, provide information and answer all your queries.

Or you also contact directly by this hospital. We mention below the contact detalis of this hospital.

Contact Details

Address : S V Road, Vile Parle West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400056

Phone: 022 2626 7500

Website : http://www.nanavatihospital.org/

Orthopedic Doctor in Jaipur

Don’t Ignore Bone Pain – Dr. Anoop Jhurani

These days everyone is upset with bone pain, as well as increasing the number of bone patients, there is also the pain of joints due to calcium deficiency in the body. On Saturday, Joint Replacement was discussed during this time, people present there shared their problems with best Orthopedic Doctor in Jaipur, who received the proper advice, answered the doctor Onlookers read quite satisfied people are how-to questions about their problems and the doctor advised them what.
Dr. Anoop Jhurani and Dr. Vijay Sharma overcome the problem of patients
Hundreds of people from Jaipur including entire Rajasthan, satisfied with the diagnosis and treatment of the disease
Jaipur: As your age increases, the bone becomes old too. The reason for the growing age is that the number of patients suffering from Orthopedics in Rajasthan is increasing. At the same time, the second reason is lack of awareness and calcium also. Due to the lack of calcium, the bone weakens in the young age, causing the problem of fracture or joint pens.
This is to say that Dr. Anoop Jhurani of Fortis Escorts Hospital’s Orthopedic and Joint Replacement Specialist During discussions on Bone and Joint Replacement Disease in the series of senior doctors organized by Tarun Batra and Fortis Hospital on Saturday, Dr. Anoop Jhurani advised the people gathered in the hundreds of people from Jaipur. Dr. Anoop Jhurani made people aware of joint replacement. 

Bone Disease Treatment

Describing people’s problems and remedies, Dr. Anoop Jhurani said that people in the back pain and joint pen work on the medicine of natural pain. He said that the effect of the drug remains for some time.
 As soon as the effect is over, the pain starts again, the result is that later a major disease is born. He said that only medicines have no role in the treatment of bone disease. If there is any bone breakdown of the patient, knee knee failure and pressure on the back of the back, it is the only treatment. Physiotherapy is more important than medicines in bone disease.
 Dr. Anoop Jhurani said that the operation of treatment of most of the bone disease is the only treatment. If any person has a broken bone, knee knee problem, or pressure on the nerve of someplace, then it can not be removed from any medicine. For this, you should check with the doctor on time so that the correct disease is detected.

Increased arthritis disease by alcohol and smoking

The highest number of patients in the program were patients suffering from arthritis. After questioning the questions, Dr. Anoop Jhurani, Orthopedic specialist of Fortis Hospital said that the number of patients with arthritis is also increasing in young age these days. There is a high number of patients who smoke and drink more. Smoking and alcohol intake arises from arthritis.
At the same time, after the operation of women’s childbirth, the complaints of osteoproteps are high, in such cases the problem of joint pain and back pain increases. Women who are undergoing kidney surgery should take regular medication. People are facing trouble due to food and living and more pen-killer food is also dangerous.

Arthritis and fracture was Common

To avoid the pain of bone and joint, do exercise to keep your health healthy by doing maximum work in the age group of 20 to 40 years. Otherwise, after 45 years, different diseases associated with bone will start. So be aware of the prevention of bone disease. These things have been done by Fortis bone and joint disease specialist Dr. Anoop Jhurani. Patients from Jaipur including Rajasthan asked questions related to any arthritis and no foot fracture.

Psychiatrist in Jaipur

10 Symptoms of Depression

Mental illnesses are still ignored by the fracture of mind and the inclination of the mind. But if you look at these symptoms in yourself or around you, then pay attention …


The mind is good then tan healed When the brain is not working properly, then how will it handle the body. People who are suffering from depression often feel more tired.

Sleep disturbance

There are many types of depression, so there is no single patron of sleep. Some people do not sleep overnight due to depression. It is called insomnia. So they seem to sleep more than anything else.

Back pain

Our spinal cord takes the body from the neck to the hip. It is affected by excess stress and pain in the back starts. Many people also have pain in the head continuously, which are not far from medicines.


It’s easy to joke about someone’s irritation. Women get rid of “those days”, so fight men against women. But it can be much more than this.

Lack of concentration

If the brain is considered a computer, then understand that its processor can not work properly in depression. You can not miss a job, you forget about small things.


There is a difference between anger and irritability. During the depression, the person passes through a lot of stress. He just gets angry at not only the front but also himself. Instead of quarreling, understand the person, try to talk to him.

The fear

If someone starts to explain the reasoning to remove the fear, then there will be no benefit. The person passing through depression does not understand the logic. She may be afraid of anything, from the darkness, from the closed room, from the height, from the unknown people.

Poor Digestion

You might be thinking that what good things can be done with the mind? Remember how the stomach had worsened due to fear of examination in childhood. The depressed person passes through the same experience all the time.

Not interested in sex

Erechtial disulfusion is common in men. The point of the problem is that it is like a vicious circle because it can be a cause of depression because it does not conform to your partner’s expectations.

Negative Thoughts

People who are depressed often think about killing themselves or others. Even in sleep they have bad thoughts. Many times they do not even sleep because of fear of these bad dreams.

It is very important that the depressed person be helped. You can search the best Psychiatrist in Jaipur and find it on Credihealth website, Book an appointment and consult immediately. Just as there is a need for both drug and love in order to cure any bodily illness, the same happens with mental illness as well.