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Planning a Vacation With Your Loved One? Essentials To Include In Your Packing List

If you tend to forget something important each time you plan to go on a family vacation, this post will help you get organized with different packing lists for different categories. Traveling alone or with a group of friends or a significant other used to be so hassle-free, all you needed was a couple of your favorite clothes, some essential toiletries and voila, you are ready. As long as you have your credit cards, passports, and other travel documentation, there isn’t much else you would need.

However, when kids get into the picture, everything drastically changes, and a lengthy packing list is required. You need to plan for the trip a couple of weeks before your departure, and still, people manage to forget a lot of stuff.

You see, when there are kids with you, you can never be too prepared for different eventualities. However, you with following packing lists, you can ease-up before heading to the airport.

Packing essentials for your family and kids

There are plenty of things here that you might not need, but hopefully, this list will help you create a benchmark for your own family holiday or weekend getaway packing list. You could select whatever you need, and add things of your own too.

  • Clean pairs of socks
  • Cardigans for if he weather gets too chilly
  • Shirts, polo shirts, t-shirts
  • Dresses
  • Skirts
  • Underwear
  • Leggings
  • Tights
  • Ethical shoes
  • Socks
  • Tights/Leggings
  • Underwear
  • Shoes
  • Sunglasses
  • Hats
  • Sleepwear
  • Scarves

Accessories you would need when traveling with your family

There is a variety of excellent family travel accessories that you can choose, and getting the right stuff for your vacation can make all the difference in the world. For example, a durable, multi-functional baby stroller is an absolute essential.

You can have the stroller checked-in before you board and request the airline to deliver it to you when you land so that your kids don’t get exhausted walking so much at the airport. Another vital accessory that you should pack with you is a portable baby seat booster.

A baby booster seat will help keep the little person safe during airport transfers or when you plan to travel via taxi at the holiday destination. Anyways, in light of this, mentioned below is a short list of essentials you will need for your babies:

  • Water bottles
  • Baby booster seat
  • Baby stroller
  • A pram or a buggy
  • Inflatable toddler bed
  • Travel cot
  • A Day bag

Your toiletries list for the holidays

Your bag of toiletries will become twice the size when you are traveling with the little ones, and it will be primarily filled with stuff for the toddlers. If you are going for a week or two, then you won’t need large bottles of body wash or shampoos. However, here is a list of essential toiletries you will need for your next vacation:

  • Medium bottles of body wash and shampoo
  • New toothbrushes for the entire family
  • Bubble soap for the kids
  • Toothpaste for both adults and toddlers
  • Deodorants
  • Dental floss
  • Glasses
  • Hand sanitizers
  • Contacts

First aid essentials for your travels

Well, this is also another bag that will grow twice in size when you travel with your family. And it should; you need to ensure you are prepared for any eventualities such as sudden illnesses or mishaps. Here is a list of important things you need to have before you leave for the airport.

  • Inhalers
  • Antibiotics
  • Plasters
  • Tablets for motion sickness relief
  • Antiseptic cream
  • Sanitary wipes
  • Spray
  • Paracetamol or ibuprofen (for both kids and adults)
  • Thermometer
  • Special medication

Documentation essentials for your journey

Sure, these are boring to arrange, but they are important – you wouldn’t be able to travel if you don’t have them! So, make sure you have the following on you at all times when you travel:

  • Passports for your family
  • Credit/debit cards
  • Visas and similar documentations
  • Loyalty cards for the hotel you will be staying at
  • Frequent flyer cards
  • A guide booklet for the destination you are traveling to
  • Cash in hand in the currency of the country you are flying to

Packing list for when you are planning a beach vacation

If you are preparing to go on a beach vacation, it is essential to have additional essential items that will help make your travels smooth and carefree. It is hard for many people to arrange for diapers and nappies when they are on a beach vacation, and this can get stressful. So pack your own.

Moreover, there are a few other items on the list that you should pack no matter how trivial they are. That is because hotel shops will charge a ridiculous amount of money for things like sunscreens, sunglasses, towels, bug spray, ethical shoes, etc.

  • Swim trunks
  • Nappies
  • Quality swimming goggles
  • Sunscreen lotion/spray
  • Large towels for the family
  • Bug sprays/mosquito repellent
  • Picnic blanket
  • Spades and buckets
  • Beach ball
  • Sunglasses
  • Shorts
  • T-shirts
  • Waterproof watch

So there you go, an elaborate, albeit vital list of things that you need to pack whenever you plan a family vacation.

13 Unique Things You Can Give Your Girlfriend to WOW Her

Valentines, birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas… There are always opportunities to wow your girlfriend or wife with your incredible choice of gifts. Perhaps chocolate isn’t a safe bet, jewelry is boring and underwear is… Well, just don’t buy her underwear. So if you’re lacking inspiration for this years Valentines day or birthday, here are some great unique gift ideas to impress your better half.

  • Design Your Own Fragrance Kit

For woman who really likes to be unique, designing your own fragrance is fabulous way to stand out from the crowd. There are lots of different options, from cheap and cheerful (yeah don’t get that one) through to premium. If you don’t think she’ll ever use a design your own kit, then you can also get her a day with a professional perfumier to design her personalised fragrance for her.

  • Wireless Headphones

Everyone needs a good set of cans, and wireless headphones are big right now (especially if she owns the newer iPhone models). The Bose Soundlink or Beats Solo 3 are both good looking and high performing wireless headphone sets that won’t break the bank.

  • Cool Water Bottle

If she is all about saving the world and going to the gym then she’ll be over the moon with a good quality reusable water bottle. Check out Chillys for their range of colourful and funky insulated bottles, or Frank Green for minimalist cool vibes.

  •  Eco Friendly Yoga Mat

Staying with eco friendly, these days you can pick up great yoga mats in a range of sustainable or recycled materials. From cork to recycled wetsuits, help her ditch that shocking pink monstrosity and do her cobra pose on a funky new mat.

  • Wool Shoes

Help her keep her street styling and wear eco friendly footwear too! Try some wool shoes for women which look great hanging out with friends, on a night out or on holiday. Why wool shoes? It’s a naturally comfortable material, insulated, water resistant and environmentally sustainable! What more could she ask for?

  • Fitbit Flex2 Bangle

Keeping tracking of your activity is a key factor for fitness fanatics. The latest range of Fitbits come as a stylish stainless steel bangle, meaning they accessorise well with a whole range of outfits. And they don’t just look like a skinny rubber digital watch any more!

  •  Scent Diffuser Speaker

Bliss out with some serious tune-age and a nice scent too! These Bluetooth speakers feature essential oil diffusers so the room will be filled with a beautiful aroma as she enjoys her favorite music. For best results get the wooden ones which look much more zen than the plastic variety.

  • Make Your Own Gin Kit

For the gal who knows her gin, a make your own gin kit offers an opportunity to create her own masterpiece. There are lots of different options, but all of them include the botanicals and a guide to making a delicious tasting gin. You might also need to buy a bottle of vodka for her to make her creation.

  • Snapchat Specs

Social media darlings will love these specs from Snapchat. Capture every moment in the first person and broadcast directly to your followers…. No more fumbling for the phone at outdoors events or on holiday, capture and stream live.

10. SJCAM SJ7 Star

The GoPro knock off cameras can have a bad rep, but if she likes to capture the moment then this is a good alternative to the big brand. The SJ7 Star is about half the price of a GoPro but still captures 4k, can be attached to a selfie stick or used for adventure sports and it’s waterproof. Action girls will love it.

11. Personalised Face Socks

Boring old socks? Well, these will have your grinning mug plastered all over them so every time she looks at her feet she’ll think of you. Who said romance is dead?

  • Davek Mini Umbrella

Premium umbrella brand Davek do a fantastic compact option. The pocket-sized umbrella fits in any handbag or coat pocket and is a must for blustery weather. Not only that, all Davek umbrellas are covered under their unconditional lifetime guarantee so if it gets damaged they’ll fix it too.

  •  Ember Coffee Mug

Is she always leaving her drink to go cold? The Ember mug is the world’s first temperature control mug, meaning your beverage is kept at the ideal drinking temperature until you’re ready. Pick the ideal temperature with the app and never waste a hot drink again!

We hope this list of unique gift ideas has inspired you to find the perfect present for your girlfriend. Just remember… Don’t buy her underwear!

Seven Signs You’re Experiencing Dementia Symptoms And Mental Deterioration

Dementia is a condition that can be described as a group of symptoms rather than a specific disease. It presents itself mainly in the form of memory impairment, communication troubles, and faltered thinking. Stemming from multiple causes, the most common cause of dementia is Alzheimer’s disease accounting for 60 to 80% of all the reported cases. Globally, approximately 47.5 million people are living with this condition with its occurrence increasing by the minute.

Stages Of Dementia

The progression of dementia can be categorized into different stages depending on its severity. This helps in the diagnosis, treatment, and management of patients. Generally divided into 3 phases: mild, moderate and severe, multiple new in-depth assessment tests now classify the illness into more types.

Various scales are employed for evaluating dementia in order to better understand the illness by assessing functionality and cognitive decline. The most commonly employed scale for the task is the GDS scale, also referred to as the Reisberg Scale, and this divides dementia progression into 7 stages:

  • Stage 1: No Cognitive Decline- No Dementia
  • Stage 2: Very Mild Cognitive Decline- No Dementia
  • Stage 3: Mild Cognitive Decline- No Dementia
  • Stage 4: Moderate Cognitive Decline- Early Stage Dementia
  • Stage 5: Moderately Severe Cognitive Decline- Mid-Stage Dementia
  • Stage 6: Severe Cognitive Decline (Middle Dementia)- Mid-Stage Dementia
  • Stage 7: Very Severe Cognitive Decline (Late Dementia)- Late-Stage Dementia

Diagnosis is mostly detected when a patient has reached Stage 4 or beyond because Stages 1-3 do not typically exhibit any symptoms. Stage 4 is referred to as early dementia. Stage 5 and 6 are termed as middle dementia, and Stage 7 is considered late dementia.


Early Warning Signs of Dementia

Dementia has many different types; each resulting from a specific underlying cause and thus presents its own unique set of symptoms. However, there a few early signs of the illness that can help you confirm its presence.

Following are 7 early identifying signs of dementia and mental deterioration:

Altered Short-term Memory

Short-term memory changes are early identifying symptoms of dementia. Although subtle, these changes are the ones to be wary of. In many cases, older adults happen to remember a memory from years ago but fail to recall details as recent as what they had for breakfast the same morning. Forgetting items in certain places and struggling to remember them or forgetting appointments and other tasks are common presenting signs of altered short-term memory. Another finding in such patients is repetition, primarily because they fail to recall whether they have completed a particular task or not.

Finding the Right Words

Due to altered thinking and fluctuating memory, it is particularly difficult for dementia patients to converse with others. This is a challenging task for both the patient and the attendant. Problems in communicating their thoughts are a common finding in people suffering from dementia. Patients often find it hard to explain what they are thinking and struggle to find the right words to get their message across.

Altered Mood

Mood changes are widespread in dementia patients owing to the multiple prevalent changes in their mind. Dementia patients often struggle to recognize this change in themselves, but it is important for friends and family to notice any difference in mood. Depression is a common early presenting sign of dementia. Altered thinking directly affects one’s judgment; therefore, it is not rare to come across patients exhibiting a shift in personality. They also develop disinterest towards their surroundings including family, friends, activities and hobbies.

Struggling To Finish Normal Tasks

The inability or incompetence to finish routine tasks is a good indication that someone has early dementia. The progression with this goes from struggling to finish complicated tasks that require active thinking, such as doing paperwork, to familiar and straightforward tasks, such as washing dishes, taking out the trash, etc. The hesitance to learn new things or follow a new routine are all signs that the person is experiencing some kind of mental deterioration.


This confusion arises owing to multiple reasons such as memory loss, lack of judgment, impaired thinking and struggling with language. Patients in the early stages of dementia often seem lost in their own imaginary world, but in reality, they are just trying to place the pieces of the puzzle together. Their scattered thoughts disable them from performing simple routine acts such as communicating openly with others, organizing their thoughts, or expressing their emotions.

Impaired Sense of Direction

The disintegration of spatial orientation and a sense of direction starts rather early in dementia. It disables a person from remembering familiar routes, landmarks, and regularly employed paths. People with dementia find it difficult to follow directions as they are unable to follow back-to-back instructions. Their minds are unable to register new information quickly; therefore, it is not uncommon to find a dementia patient getting lost in familiar territory.

Inability To Adapt

Adapting to change is difficult not only for dementia patients but for everyone. However, for dementia patients, adapting to change is somewhat of a nightmare as they struggle to recognize familiar faces and places; therefore, for them, new experiences are slightly daunting. Many patients express the need for a routine, so they know what to expect instead of having to deal with new circumstances every day. Standing in the face of change, patients often are lost and find it challenging to cope with new surroundings as their minds are unable to register the change. Unfamiliarity owing to memory loss changes leads to fear and fear further leads to confusion, alterations in mood, and thus to an overall difficulty to survive.

Dementia is a complicated condition that is hard to pick on, especially during its early stages. Mental deterioration progressively gets worse with age.  If ignored, its symptoms get worse and ultimately leave the patient in a state that is hard to come back from. Brain science is an extensive field that is constantly welcoming advancements and breakthroughs. For the latest updates in the world of brain science, DementiaTalk is the platform that will give you access to reliable information and guidance related to dementia.

If you are experiencing any of these signs and symptoms, it is best to consult a doctor and move forward with screening tests, detailed diagnostic studies and treatment. There is often a hesitation on the patient’s part to see a doctor. Find a creative way to convince them to seek professional help and promote health consciousness at a community level.

Ten Ways a Road Trip With Your Partner Can Help Your Relationship

Every relationship has its fair share of ups and downs, and it comes as no surprise that couples can get bored from the monotony of mundane life. Working continuously for months without a break can leave us exhausted which can take a toll on our relationships. Arguments and disputes can arise as a result which will add more stress to our lives.

However, it has come to the attention of psychologists and medical professionals that a break from the fast-paced routine way of life in the form of a road trip can have several benefits for a relationship. The scant research available on the subject suggests that road trips and traveling have the power to strengthen relationships between couples, parents, and children. It also reveals that travel can increase life satisfaction amidst an unstable economy and increasing workload. Studies by West and Merriam and more recently by Kozak and Duman quantify positive changes in the form of strong relationships and increased family bonding following trips and vacations.

The purpose of this article is to get a rounded understanding of the ways a relationship can benefit from a road trip. Attention is given to the implications of road trips on family and relationship satisfaction.

  • It gives you a chance to know each other better:

A road trip can be a perfect opportunity for traveling companions to know about each other. Being confined in a car with someone for a long time quite exposes you to the other person. All the aspects of personality, personal habits, dreams, and secrets are exposed to each other. Long car drives allow you to see how your partner reacts in certain situations and how they s/he with problems. There are many new things you learn about your better half; hence, you are in a better position to understand him/her on a deeper level.

  • It teaches you to compromise:

During your trip, you may not agree with your partner on many small and big things. Traveling provides you an opportunity to learn the art of making compromises which is a valuable skill to develop for any relationship. It can be a small and simple thing like music choice on the road trip, or something big like choosing your destination. As the two of you sacrifice for the benefit of each other, you can take these lessons to your daily lives and strengthen your relationship.

  • It provides you time for better communication:

Long car drive with your partner is the best time to strike up beautiful conversations and engage in meaningful discussions that you always craved for. It provides you with an opportunity to better communicate with your companion and leave behind the problems of life and workload. A survey from the Travel Association found a wide range of benefits for couples who reported traveling together. It increased relationship satisfaction, improved communication and ignited a passion for one another.

  • Create lasting memories:

No matter the length of your trip, you will create memories that you will remember for the rest of your life. Even memories that you did not like at first will end up making the best of stories. These memories will become a part of you as a couple to which you will always look back with affection. Reminiscing about all the memories will bring you closer to each other and carry you through tough times.

  • You learn about teamwork:

Trips and travels with partner require teamwork, just like a successful relationship. It lets you know if the two of you can work together and share responsibilities. If you fail at it initially, it will teach you how to be a better team next time. It also means you go through all the thick and thin together as a team.

  • You trust and rely on each other:

As you are always vulnerable to various problems and challenges on a road trip, you trust and rely on each other more than anyone else. This is an important and rare occurrence in everyday life. As you navigate the exotic lands and face challenges, you learn to lean on each other for support and advice which can strengthen a relationship.

  • It teaches you to use resources wisely:

Assuming that most of the couples may not be super-rich, it will take some planning and thinking to get the most out of the trip. It will take the two of you some time to figure out the proper transportation, groceries and nourishing meal for the trip without consuming all your resources.

If you intend to go out on a long trip, it is more economical to own a car instead of taking taxis or local transport. You also don’t have to worry about the timing schedules, travel routes, and stops along the way with your own car. In the end, you can always sell the car if need be. Many online websites provide free car valuation services and will offer a decent value for your car.

  • It gives you a feeling of intimacy:

Nothing can be more beautiful than a long road trip with someone that you adore and love. While traveling with buddies is fun, it is nothing compared to a trip with your beloved. According to the 2013 US Travel Association’s survey, a trip with your partner is more likely to create a spark of romance in your relationship than any gift. The romantic power that a road trip provides can never be forgotten.

  • It provides bonding moments:

A road trip provides you many moments when you feel connected to each other. Sharing new experiences together allows you to grow as a couple. You will have moments when you will feel closer to each other which you will carry over into your lives after the trip.

  • It strengthens your relationship:

The skills and lessons you learn on your trips help you develop relationship skills. Your problem-solving skills, communication skills with your partner, and compromise all develop as you travel which can prove effective in taking any relationship forward.


Prepping Your Winter Fashion List? Essentials You’ll Need In Your Closet

Cold nights, a hot cup of coffee, soft socks, a good book, and a large sweater; that is what winters are all about. As the warmer months draw to a close, it is time to embrace the chilly months with open arms. While lounging by the fire snuggled under a blanket sounds like the perfect plan, there is so much more to the winter months than just the unbridled indulgence. Winter time is the most exciting time especially when it comes to revamping our wardrobes. The dresses and bikinis have had their moment to shine, but it is time to finally bring out all the coats, hats and jackets. When it comes to styling for the colder months, there are so many more options to play with because you get the opportunity to layer and really curate outfits; much like a customized look. Stock up on your list of essential items for this winter season by taking a look at some of our top picks.

  • Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans are a staple in everyone’s wardrobe all year round, but they are especially great during the chillier months. Their simple silhouette makes them ideal for layering while ensuring you stay warm. Their versatility knows no bounds for you can pair skinny jeans with just about anything. For a casual day about town, pair them with a jacket or sweater and ballet flats. For a night out, switch things up and try them with some strappy heels and a draped blouse. One can never go wrong with skinny jeans.

  • Cashmere Sweater

A cozy cashmere sweater is the one thing no one can ignore; a perfect hybrid of chic sophistication and effortless comfort. A truly versatile item, a cashmere sweater can be worn with anything and everything. For the ultimate casual winter look, pair your sweater with a pair of skinny jeans and sneakers or don it over a simple button-down shirt and trousers. For a feminine and flirty look, wear your sweater over a midi dress or a skirt paired with pointed toe sandals.

  • Leather Jacket

Everyone needs a leather jacket in their arsenal. A statement leather jacket makes all the difference in the world because it can transform a basic outfit and take it from zero to hundred in a matter of seconds. Genuine leather jackets are an investment because they never go out of style. For the ultimate edgy and cool look, pair your leather jacket with jeans, a t-shirt, and a pair of ankle boots. For a feminine touch, drape your jacket over a mid-length body-hugging dress and ankle boots for a bold yet chic style statement.

  • Fedoras

What better time to wear hats than in the winter season. Beanies make a cute and comfortable style statement, but if you are really looking to up your fashion game, you should try your luck with wide-brimmed hats like fedoras. They are edgy, they are sophisticated, and they will keep you warm; what more could one ask for?

Statement Coat

For an added layer of warmth and fashion, one should always be on the lookout for a statement coat. Midi length coats are ideal for the fall time because they drape over anything you wear underneath in the most effortless fashion creating an overall cohesive outlook. Make a statement by opting for something in print or with a pop of color to spice up a rather basic outfit.

  • Knitted Dress

On days when layering feels like a task, opt for something simpler like a knitted dress as it is the best way to stay warm, comfortable, yet fashionable. You can opt for ones that are relaxed and loose-fitting or something more form-fitting and pair them with other pieces accordingly such as leggings, tights, wraps, etc. The best part about a knitted dress is how it works well with almost any kind of shoe.

  • Boot Central

Be it ankle length, mid-length, or knee-high, winters are the time to wear all the boots. Knee-length boots are the ultimate style statement when paired with a skirt or mini dress or even a pair of jeans. As for ankle boots, they look effortlessly amazing with everything from a dress to a skirt to a pair of trousers; they are timeless classics.

  • Scarves

A chic accessory to your winter ensemble, a scarf adds a hint of sophistication to any dress while giving you additional protection from the cold. Be it a blanket scarf, a flirty printed number or something more somber, drape it around your neck or throw it over your shoulders for a relaxed look; either way, a scarf can make any outfit stand out.

  • Turtleneck Tops

Another timeless classic essential item that looks fantastic on its own but also happens to work just as well with other items, turtleneck tops do more than just keeping you warm. They work wonderfully paired with jeans on their own but look even better with a jacket or coat draped over it over even worn underneath a sleeveless dress. Turtlenecks are basically t-shirts except better; everyone needs one in their closet.

  • Top Handle Bag

When it comes to bags, taste varies from person to person. A standard style that almost everyone, however, can appreciate is a top handle bag. It’s a classic, it’s practical, and it’s fashionable; we have all the bases covered. Neutral tones such as black, wine, and brown are your safest bet because they work with just about every colored outfit. There is no room for mistakes.

There is no need to max out your credit card and buy everything on the market. Instead, invest in pieces that will work with a range of outfits. All you need is a little bit of creativity to mix and match pieces. Seek inspiration from our top seasonal picks and create a unique style statement this winter.