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Are You Helping Environment Check Your Brand?

Today every other person is talking about vegan or cruelty-free products but do you know what exactly it is about? Well, cruelty-free is a word which is used for those products and its ingredients and formulations that are not tested on animals at any stage at the time of product development and manufacturing. Everyone is aware of a fact that cosmetics do use this process but have you ever thought about your household cleaning products? Are they tested or not? Well yes, they are. It’s absolutely fine if you were not aware of this fact but now when you are and would like to switch to such products and also are eager to know how to identify them look for these points.

1. Look for the”FAIR TRADE”markandlabels

If your underwear brand labels ” fair trade ” that means your company make the clothing without disrespecting the right of farmers and production workers.Though few companies take the advantage of production workers during the process of harvesting as well as while trading off their products to the companies and also while you are signing up for the job which you might not realise.

2. Go for tags in case you are unable to spot labels.

If you want to look whether the product which you are about the pick is tested on animals or not do check the labels if it doesn’t have one go ahead with tags. if it doesn’t have one that’s doesn’t mean it’s not the ethical one, might be because it directly works with makers and could be an artisan brand. Even if you have any sort of queries don’t feel shy in asking questions to the business owner.

3. Bunny logo on packaging

The bunny logo is one of the easiest ways to know whether the product is cruelty-free or not. You may easily find it on the back of products or labels. But this method comes with limitations as well such as companies have to pay license and then use one of three certified bunny logos which represents the company as cruelty-free and is capable of meeting all the standard yet they might not be able to afford to pay and use the logo on their packaging.

4. List down all the brands which are considered under this list.

Another way of looking at whether your brand is not harming your pet is by doing a little bit of online research. This is even good for companies as they don’t have to pay a handsome amount to be on the list. Though they still need to meet all of the cruelty-free standards to be on the list it still cheaper than purchasing a bunny logo for yourself.

Though it sounds as ” one of the perfect ones” but still it comes with few limitations such as brutality free confirmations have various principles so you should discover an association that you concur with and you’ll regularly locate that every savagery free rundown will highlight various brands from each other.

5. Take advice from Cruelty-Free Expert or Blogger.

Another way of finding the product which is not harsh on animals is by consulting a beauty expert or a blogger as they do most of the work of emailing companies and cross-referencing cruelty-free lists. You can either follow them, tweet them or directly message them and then share your cruelty-free list and then you both can have a small conversation with them.

But before you go ahead with this option make sure you are trusting the right person as making a blog is not a big thing these days

Cruelty-free underwear brands

1. Body

Boody is an eco-conscious label that craft comfortable underwear from organic bamboo and Oeko-tex 100 for men as well for women just to have a non-toxic chemical process. Boody holds worldwide responsible accredited production certificate i.e. it independently audits factories just to be sure that they are safe, treat workers with respect and no infringements on labour rights such as child labour and environmental regulations.

Boody offers all styles of underwear such as classic bikini, boyleg briefs, Brazilian bikini, midi brief, mens g-string and hipster bikini and its maximum styles are available in three colours, black, white and nude. Whereas they do have boxers, trunks and briefs for men ranging from size small to Xlarge

Mens underwear comes in three styles: men’s boxers, trunk and mens brief. Men’s size range from Small to Xlarge. Its standard shipping charges within Australia is $8.95 and free shipping on orders over $60. They ship worldwide.

2.    WAMA Underwear

After Boody, WAMA is another leading underwear brand which manufacturer comfy hemp undies for men as well as for women with a blend of 53% hemp, 44% organic cotton and 3% spandex for stretch. WAMA is also an official PETA-Vegan approved brand, which we guess is music for all animal lovers. This brand offers styles such as hipster or bikini to women ranging from sizes XS-2XL whereas for men they have styles such as mens boxer brief and trunks ranging from S-3XL. Their price range starts from $20 for women’s underwear and $24 for men’s.

3.    Everlane

Everlane is a popular American ethical fashion label which is known for its commitment towards “Radical transparency” during the supply chain. They believe in manufacturing comfortable lingerie for both the genders at an affordable price in high-quality ‘Supima’ cotton. For women, they have underwear styles such as bikini, hipster, thongs and high rise hipster ranging between XXS-XL and for men they have underwear styles such as boxer brief ranging between sizes XS-XL. Well, lingerie for women has been ranged from $12 (AUD 15.45) and men’s at $18 (AUD 23.18). Everlane ship worldwide.

4. Thunderpants

Thunderpants is a New Zealand based lingerie brand which is a family-owned and was operated company that has been producing underwear for women, men and children since 1995! This ethical and cruelty-free brand uses certified organic cotton for designing their lingerie as they care for your bums as well as this planet. For women out there they have lingerie styles such as hipster, original (full-brief style), and boyleg boxer which is available in different colours and cool prints in almost all the sizes hence you don’t have to be worried in that case as their size chart ranges between XS-XXL. For male populace, they have two styles original and boxer which are available in various colours and fun prints and their size ranges from S-XL.

Well, prices for women’s lingerie start at NZ $28 ($20.54). Men’s undies start at $32 (USD$23.48). If you are a New Zealand citizen so you will receive the parcel at a flat rate of $6 and they are open for worldwide shipping as well.

5.    TomboyX

TomboyX’s cool, funky designs are what makes it popular among men as well as women made. This lingerie brand is using eco-conscious manufacturing processes. Their lingerie is crafted in cotton or eco-friendlier fabric such as micro modal. They do have plus size underwear. Whether you are female or male you can grab styles such as bikini, briefs and boyshorts. Their prices start at USD 18 (AUD $23). Shopping from any corner of the world is possible as they are open for international shipping.

Cruelty-free cosmetics.

  1. Bare Minerals

Bare minerals is a cruelty-free make up brand which doesn’t contain any preservatives, oils, fragrances or damaging chemicals. This brand has just launched Gen nude collection which includes nude lip shades including liquid lipsticks and lip liners for every skin tones from fair to dark just to make the brand more inclusive. They also promise clean beauty.

  1. Illamasqua

Illamasqua is leading cruelty-free cosmetic brand which includes lipstick to liquid liners. The best part of this brand is it belives in transparency hence you will be able to know everything about them from sources to the process of manufacturing and how are their products tested. Every month they come up Instagram worthy buys in which lot most of the bloggers, celebrities, make up artist, beauty editors take part to encourage more people about cruelty-free products.

  1. The Fenty Effect

Rihanna’s Fenty Effect came up with an incredible 40 foundation shades and you will be surprised to know that the whole range is cruelty-free. One of his twitter fan before the launch asked her whether her brand is going to be cruelty-free well Riri came up with a badass reply ‘you calling me an animal?’. Enough said Riri.

  1. The Urban Decay

The Urban Decay have come up with an iconic naked Palette which is capable of breaking the internet every time it gets launched. Besides that, they even have glitter-filled moondust eyeshadows. You will be amazed to know that even their brushes are not tested on poor animals.

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