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Relationship-and-Dating-Advice-for-Single-and-MarriedI am happy to welcome you dear reader to Singles and Married Blog. This blog is meant for both singles and married. Our mission / goal is to encourage and advice the matured singles to get married and teach the married how to enjoy their marriage life. There are so many questions on the lips of our youth concerning love and relationship, sex and marriage, dating and courtship, parenting and divorce etc. We hope to use this medium to touch lives of many people by answering some of these questions as the spirit of God direct.

Here are some of the Questions in the Lips of Our Youth:

Q: Is it okay to keep praying for a husband year after year?
Q: Oh God! For how long shall I wait for my life partner?
Q: What is the meaning of this? I keep on dating the wrong people?
Q: How do I know if I will be sexually compatible with my future husband if we wait to have sex?
Q: Is it right to have sex before marriage, every man I met want to take me to bed before marriage?

All these questions need an answer, but to get a perfect answer, we will focus on the word of God. God created everything and on his word, we can drive answer to every question we have. Sometimes we make mistakes in life because we fail to study and apply the word of God to our everyday situations.

Short Story to Encourage Singles and Married to be Patient in Life

We will try to encourage ourselves to be patient in life. One of our adage says that the patient dog eat the fattest bone. I tell you a short story of a wealthy man that married a beautiful wife. His name is Joseph (Joe), he married a beautiful wife – Oby but unfortunately there was not child coming at the moment. They waited for five years and the man started to complain. He called his wife and told her that they will go to hospital to check who is responsible. On that faithful day, they went to hospital for check-up and the when the result came out, it showed that Mr. Joe is responsible, he started crying day and night. But can crying bring child? One night, he came out in the midnight and took a rope and went to the forest and commit suicide. In the morning, the wife search for her husband but he was no where to be found. Later in the day, the village people found his dead body in the forest.

When this was happening, no one knew that Joe’s wife is already two months pregnant and after the ninth month, she put to bed a bouncing baby boy. She named the child “Onyemaechi” meaning “who knows tomorrow” Had it been that he exercised a little patience, he would be alive to see his baby. So what are we saying? Doctors and nurses can give a report but only God have the final say. Faith in God is a powerful medicine that can cure an incurable disease.

When singles and married learn how to apply the word of God into their lives, that is the fear of God and fear of God is the beginning of all wisdom. We face life challenges because we lack this wisdom that is above all wisdom.

I am Really Happy to See You at Singles and Married Blog

I am very happy to see you here and there is no doubt in my heart that this blog will be a source of knowledge and encouragement to many who are seeking for it and God in his infinite mercy will not fail to bless you. Do you have comments or question, please drop it below and I will surely get back to you or someone else can answer your question.

What Next on Singles and Married Blog

It is good to share your life experiences, you never can tell – it will turn out to be a source of encouragement to many who may at the same time experiencing downtime in their life. This is exactly what I am going to do in the next post. I am going to tell you about my marriage which took place on the 24th of October, 2009. Maybe in your situation now, you really want to get married but you are waiting until when your bank account is fat before you start making arrangement for your wedding. My story will inspire you to take action because the bible says that expectations of the righteous shall never be cut off.

Guest Post / Write for Singles and Married Blog

Do you have a story / article that conform with our mission/goal (to encourage and advice the matured singles to get married and teach the married how to enjoy their marriage life) or any unique article on any of the following topics: love and relationship, sex and marriage, dating and courtship, parenting and divorce etc; we can partner with you to write for us, please feel free to contact us.

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