A guide for newlyweds moving in together 2

A guide for newlyweds moving in together

Often time couples decide to postpone moving in together only after the wedding. There are many reasons why some believe that is best, but regardless of all, it is a choice that more and more people make. It is an exciting event, which is certainly exhilarating, but also somewhat scary.

Part of the reason why it is so challenging for some couples to make that step before marriage is the fact that home relocation is tough. There is no doubt that all of the tasks surrounding a move contribute to a great deal of stress and require planning, effort and money. So how do you decide if you are ready for this? There is no definitive answer, but there are certain guidelines you can follow to make it somewhat easy, or at least more bearable. Here is what you should keep in mind:

  • Discuss money – money is a topic that you should discuss and decide upon. That is especially the case when income for both members of the family is not evenly distributed between them. Who buys what and who pays for what? Are you going to combine your income to form a budget together? How will you meet monthly expenses, like electricity, water, rent and other services? How will you pay for a removal service? These are all questions that you should discuss with your significant other and come to an agreement. It will be a shame if money becomes a topic to quarrel over, and yet that is a trap many couples fall in. If you are both in the clear about money, you can easily move on to making further plans.
  • Figure expectations towards cleaning – yes, cleaning the home you are living in together may seem like a pointless discussion, but it is something you should discuss. Many people believe that it is a minor detail, but the truth is that is no small thing, according to numerous marriage consultants and experts. Chances are that both of you have different expectations towards cleaning, so working on a compromise is often required.
  • Work together on the move – as it was already mentioned, there are many tasks involved in moving. From packing your belongings in removal boxes to hiring the right removal company to execute the transportation of said items to your home. There is a whole deal of planning required and you both need to work out a schedule that is suitable. With each other’s help, you can expect things to go smoother and avoid large part of the stress associated with removals.
  • Work on the layout and style of your new home – it is perfectly fine if both of you have personal preferences about color, composition, size of the furniture, style, type of features, and so on. Household décor presents a world of diversity that you should choose from as a couple. Work out your differences and pick a solution that you both like and which works best for your home. Don’t forget to look at UK alarm systems to keep all of the entry and exit points secure in your new home. You don’t want to lose any of your belongings after just settling in together. A guide for newlyweds moving in together 1
  • Designate your personal spaces – each of you should have a personal space in your together home. Maybe the garage is his domain, where tools and car equipment reign supreme. How about that drawer where her cosmetic products and lady stuff reside? It is perfectly fine to designate such areas of your home and occupy them with items you deem valuable.
  • Communicate with your partner – communication is key to a successful relationship. This is even more valid for newlyweds who are moving in together for the first time. Don’t allow needs, expectations, worries and desires to become a problem and communicate them with your significant other. A home removal is a challenging time that you must go through together. Share your thoughts and opinions, work out differences and solve any problem together. That will make you a strong couple.
  • Take a moment to appreciate each other – don’t allow the stress of the situation and house relocation difficulties to dictate your attitude and escalate to problems. Maintain the harmony of your relationship and improve it. After all, that is what a marriage is all about.

Moving is difficult, no matter if you have lived together before that or that is yet to come. Be patient, show understanding and support your partner. That way you will surely establish a long-lasting and beneficial relationship, which will only improve from then on. Embrace this change and make it a memorable one and that you will enjoy looking back to some time from now.

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