9 Qualities That Innocently Make Men More Irresistible To Women

Just because you’re not gifted with Hollywood-worthy facial features and strong and lean physique doesn’t mean you can’t be attractive.

In contrary to stereotypes, women are pretty much easy to please. There are certain masculine features that make us swoon, and chances are that most guys are unaware of them.

1. Speak in deep, husky voice

While guys are easily turned on by women with higher pitched voices, the opposite holds true for women. A casual “good morning, my love” first thing in the morning, when your voice is deep and quite husky, would instantly lead our blood rushing into the right places.

Evolutionarily, females seek out male mates who have deep, low voices. It has something to do with gender dimorphism, wherein these qualities are associated with higher testosterone levels are seen as more “masculine”, thus more striking to women.

2. Have a great sense of humor

Your witty one-liners, ability to banter, as well as your fun, loving nature are enough to steal her heart.

Studies have found that both men and women list “sense of humor” as a highly attractive trait in a potential romantic partner. Women want men who can make them laugh. We fall for men with the special ability to deliver something that tickles our emotions positively.

Smart is sexy, right? The production of humor requires heritable cognitive skills, like creativity and intelligence. Humor isn’t easily acquired – it’s an innate attractive gift.

Another factor is the kind intention to spread positive vibes and make people happy. At the end of the day, we like to come home to a person who knows how to have fun and instill fun in other people.

3. Own a pet

Whether it’s a dog, a cat, or even a small hamster, a man owning a pet has an advantage to other guys without them.

We’re not (just) looking at how hot your biceps are when you carry your kitten and pups – we’re looking at how you treat your pets. Men who own pets tend to be seen as more responsible, gentle and caring. Besides, it takes such maturity to care for a pet, from feeding them on time to cleaning after their mess.

4. Get scruffy

Biologically, heterosexuals seek typically male or female traits in the opposite sex. For women, it’s men’s facial hair. While it depends on personal preference, men with beard are likely to be seen as more attractive since they signal a man’s masculinity.

In terms of style, a recent study from Australia found that men with heavy stubble, about 10 days’ worth, to be more handsome than those with a clean-shaven face, a lighter shadow, and a full beard.

5. Be musically talented

A 2013 study published in Psychology of Music found that women were more likely to give out their digits to a guy carrying a guitar case than a guy carrying a gym bag.

Musical ability, in general, signals higher intelligence and good genes, which are essential when choosing a partner. You don’t have to have an Ed Sheeran-kind of musical talent to be attractive. Having a decent singing voice and perhaps having the basic knowledge in playing musical instruments like piano and guitar, boost your sex appeal.

6. Be smart and talented in general

If you aren’t gifted with such musical prowess, see if you possess other amusing skills, like dancing, sketching or painting, photography and film making, doing magic tricks, and cooking. In a nutshell, if you’re intelligent and talented, you’re a step ahead of your competitors in terms of desirability.

7. Please steer clear of selfies

A man, holding a camera, doing his best to capture the beautiful scenery (and of course, his woman’s OOTD) is way more gorgeous than a grown man who constantly takes photos of himself. Using his smartphone. With filters.

There’s a fine line between a selfie or two, showing how hot you look one day, and actually loading your camera roll with your face in 62 angles. Not to generalize, but chances are, numerous selfies make you look narcissistic, focused on the superficial, and desperate for attention, which is major turnoffs.

8. Possess manly “hunter-gatherer” skills

Chivalry is not dead – your acts of courtesy, as well as your physical strength and wilderness survival skills, are still acknowledged and admired.

Yes, we are strong, independent women, but whether we admit it or not, we’re still turned on by brawny men doing strength-provoking activities for their ladies. Name it: handling fire, climbing trees and rocks, swimming across rivers, and carrying heavy loads, like timber and water pails. If you have these skills, you’re instilling safety and security to your future partner.

9. Walk and speak like a true gentleman

We’re not just referring to opening the door for your lady, carrying her bag, and pulling up a chair for her. To be a real gentleman is to display chivalrous acts for all people you meet.

Escorting the old lady crossing the street, expressing gratitude to restaurant servers, showing generosity and compassion to the less fortunate, talking to your parents politely, and steering clear of vulgar, offensive remarks to individuals and groups of people – these are just some of the manly acts of a true gentleman.

Author Bio: Carmina Natividad is one of the writers for The Relationship Room, a couples psychology institution specializing in relationship counseling and therapies for couples and families.

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