8 Ways To Rekindle Your Marriage In 60 Seconds

“We need to spend MORE time with our significant other” – if you’re given five bucks for every time you hear this phrase, you can probably load up your shopping cart with one week of grocery. We get it. Every time our relationships fall flat and dull, we turn to this blanket statement with the hope of saving what seems to be lost. But with hectic schedules and other commitments in mind, this so-called “time” becomes a scarce resource you just can’t easily have.

The question is how much time does it really take to rekindle a relationship? At least one week? One day? One hour? One minute? It appears that one minute is enough, and you can make the most out of 60 seconds with your partner with these things.

1. Greet your partner every day

There are married couples who get through the day without even talking to each other. They sleep on the same bed, dine at the same table, but they feel like thousand miles apart. You don’t want that to happen, do you?

Make daily greetings a habit. Sweet and simple hellos and goodbyes have more meaning than greeting card templates. Before your partner goes to work, tell him/her to have a wonderful day and to take care. Don’t drink your coffee without saying “good morning” and/or go to sleep without saying “good night.” At the end of the day, meet your partner at the door with a smile and a kiss and help him/her with the belongings to acknowledge they’re home. These simple gestures imply that you value your partner’s presence.

2. Compliment your partner

Everyone loves to feel appreciated. A simple, genuine “thank you” for the little things your spouse did to you can mean a lot to them. A sweet, touching remark like, “I love you and I’m honored to share my life with you” told out of the blue or even a witty but sincere compliment like, “you look like a sexy beast on your beard” can easily melt your partner’s heart.

3. Ask your partner about his/her day

At the end of an exhausting day, you may not feel like hearing another issue and thinking of some possible solutions. However, this small, selfless move is great enough to make the other feel noticed and cared for. Get to know how his/her day went. Give him/her the opportunity to breathe and rant by really listening. In most cases, they don’t really need you to suggest a solution. They just want to feel heard and know that you care about them.

4. Get your partner his/her favorite snack

Surprise your partner with a box of pizza as he/she arrives from work paired with a bottle of beer from the nearest convenience store. While this may be a small gesture, it can be touching, and thus important for romantic relationships.

5. Send a text or have a quick call

Though you’re far from each other and you’re in a middle of a busy day, it’s still possible to keep in touch and make the day of each other. A sweet and thoughtful 160-character text or a short call can easily transform one’s frown into a big smile. Tell a joke. Send a funny meme. Tease him/her. Or even ask your partner what he/she had for lunch. Tell them to take care. And don’t forget to say “I love you” before you hang up.

6. Take a selfie together and post it

Who doesn’t like selfies? It takes only a couple of seconds to take a picture from your smartphone, write a short caption, and post it online. Taking a picture together is more than just a way of making an unforgettable moment with your spouse stand still. It shows how proud and happy you are with your relationship and you want the rest of the world to see it.

7. Give a 60-second power hug

It feels comforting to embrace someone you love, and there’s a scientific explanation for this.

Bela Gandhi, a popular personal trainer and founder of a dating service, explains the science behind this. According to her, embracing someone you love increases your body’s levels of oxytocin and dopamine, the hormones responsible for the feelings of pleasure and attachment. Therefore, a 60-second hug is enough to make you feel good throughout the day and to boost your relationship.

8. Share a minute-long kiss

Whether it’s a one 60-second long passionate kiss or a hundred short kisses all over your partner’s face, this romantic gesture never fails to show your partner that they’re still the one you love.

Giving your marriage a boost doesn’t really mean attending week-long marriage counseling programs or even reading a thick book of relationship tips. A 60-second phone call can make someone feel loved. A 60-second warm embrace can last forever. A 60-second kiss can ignite the spark. 

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Carmina Natividad is one of the writers for The Relationship Room, a couples psychology institution specializing in relationship counseling and therapies for couples and families. When she’s not using her pen in writing self-help articles focused on love, dating, and relationships, she spends her time creating poems and screenplays, painting, and making music.

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