Fantastic Tips for Dating in your 40s

8 Fantastic Tips for Dating in Your 40s.

Dating in your 40s can be fun and exciting, especially when you employ these 8 fantastic dating tips.Whether you’ve been focusing on your career and never settled down, or you find yourself single due to divorce or other circumstances, you should know that dating doesn’t have to be scary. In fact, dating in your 40s can be fun and exciting, especially when you employ these 8 fantastic dating tips offered by

1. Be Mature

The first and perhaps the most important tip that we will mention is being mature. As an older woman, you’re going to find yourself in a mature relationship. You aren’t in college and when you flirt, you should do so with the intent of something more than just a random hook-up. Leave the mind games at the door and be the respectable woman that you truly are.

2. Live in the Real World

One of the most common problem women encounter when dating as an adult is that they still fancy a man who is “God-like,” both in appearance and personality. Who wouldn’t want to be swept off her feet by an Adonis? Unfortunately, these types of men are few and far between. It’s okay to have a particular “type,” but you also need to keep an open mind for someone who doesn’t quite fit your ideal.

3. Date Your Age

Yes, we understand that age is just a number, but with that number comes experience, life lessons, and maturity. Granted, it is possible to find a mate who is mature and at a similar part of their life but they are years younger. It isn’t completely unheard of that there is someone in their late 20s and early 30s to be pretty well established, but it isn’t that common either.

4. Move Slowly

When you are learning how to date again in your 40s, it’s important that you remember that you should move slowly. You needn’t rush into a relationship and marriage if you aren’t 100% sure that this person is a match for you. By taking things slowly, you are able to learn more about the person you are involved with, which only works out in the end.

5. Never Feel Like You Have to Settle

Sure, you may be at a later stage in life and you may feel your mortality slowly creeping up, but that doesn’t mean you have to settle for anyone who doesn’t quite suits you. Why would you even allow yourself to settle for someone who doesn’t compliment your life completely?

6. Have High Expectations

As a woman in your 40s, you’ve lived enough to know what you do and what you don’t want in a partner. Use this to set your expectations high. You want someone who is stable in their career and will be there for you no matter want.

7. Check Your Baggage

Yes, your expectations will be fairly high, but you don’t want to let bits and pieces of your past diminish your worth. We’ve all got a past, but you cannot let that interfere with your future.

8. Don’t Be Angry

Life may have handed you a bag of lemons covered in dirt, but you cannot let that sour your outlook on life. When you allow anger and bitterness taint your life, it shows and no man wants to deal with that.

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