7 Tips for Writing a Meaningful Love Letter in a Long-Distance Relationship

Long-distance relationships can be challenging, to say the least. We’re lucky in the twenty-first century to have many ways of communicating instantly over huge distances. We can stay in touch with loved ones via instant messaging, social media, email, and phone calls. But there’s just something romantic about receiving an actual letter. Here are seven tips for writing a meaningful love letter in a long-distance relationship.

Before you write…

As with just about any project, a love letter will always turn out better if you prepare a bit before you begin. Put some thought into this thing. You don’t want your recipient to look at it and think you copied the words off the internet, it should sound as if it was written just for them. This is why it’s so important that you calibrate your letter for the person you’re writing it to. It’s also nice to time your love letter as a surprise.

Maybe it will be a surprise regardless of when they receive it. But there’s something about receiving a letter on a day other than your birthday, Christmas, or Valentine’s Day. Try not to worry too much about what specific medium or format you use. There is no perfect way to write or deliver a love letter. If you want to try and compose yours in poem form, go for it, but you don’t have to. You can handwrite your letter, type it out and print it, or even send it digitally. There is not perfect medium and they all have their pros and cons.

Different ways of writing a love letter

There’s no perfect way to write a love letter, in fact, there are many good ways. The way you choose will depend on you, your situation, and the person you’re writing to. When you’re in a long-distance relationship, a month by month plan might work.

Write a short letter every month and keep your loved one feeling less lonely and thinking about you. You could also send them love notes on postcards, giving them a peek at the kinds of things you’re seeing in your new location. You could try writing a few notes before you leave and have your loved one open them after you’re gone.

Explain why you’re writing

A good way to start off your letter is to say why you’re writing it. What inspired you? This section can be as brief or as long as you like. “Maybe you’ve been tossing these words around in your head for weeks and finally decided to put them down on paper. Or maybe you were just overcome with the idea recently. The purpose is to give your recipient an idea of what they’re about to get into,” suggests Marylin Collier, romance writer at Eliteassignmenthelp and Ukwritings.

What do you love about them?

What are the things you love about them? Do some brainstorming and list off all the things you can think of. Is it the things you have learned from them? Maybe it’s just the way they smile or how their hair looks first thing in the morning.

Think about some ways physically, sexually, emotionally, and mentally that they have improved your life. These could include things you have told them before, or things they might not even know you appreciate about them. Try and think up a few dozen first and then pick your favorite ones to write about.

Recall some memories

It’s time to brainstorm again, this time think of as many of your favorite memories with this person as you can. These can be anything from the moment you first met, to an anniversary celebration, to a funny memory that’s become an inside joke between the two of you. Once you’ve brainstormed a bunch, pick out your favorites and write about why they mean so much to you.

The more specific, the better

When it comes to describing how you feel, the more the details you include, the better. It can be an amazing experience for them to hear something for the first time, something you’ve been the first to mention, or phrased so uniquely. Every time they become aware of the trait, or whatever it is you mentioned, they will think back to you and your letter.

What does your loved one do that makes your heart skip a beat? Think hard about this one, because it might not come to you right away. But when it does, you’ll know, and it will probably be the highlight of your love letter.

Be sure to properly format and edit your letter

Take some time and edit and format your love letter before you send it out. Paying attention to these little details is important because it shows that you care. Here are some tools that can help you out:

Via Writing and Top essay writing services – These are both sites where you will find plenty of writing tips and examples of love letters. Sometimes the best way to learn is just by looking at another writer’s work.

Paper Fellows – Use this online editing tool, which has been recommended by UK Top Writers, to ensure your letter doesn’t have any typos or other errors. Don’t risk looking sloppy with your love letter, make sure it’s perfect.

Academ Advisor – This is a great source for grammar tips, as well as somewhere you can have your work checked over for errors. Grammar can be tricky, so why not get some professional help?

Academized and Ox Essays – These online proofreading tools are a great way to make sure your letter is flawless and guarantee your peace of mind.

MyWritingWay – Check out this great resource when you’re writing your letter, it is perfect for generating catchy and lovely words.

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Love letters can be a great way to remind your loved one that, although you are many miles away, you still think about them and care about them. Writing these kinds of letters is a lost art, and most people have no idea where to even start. Follow these seven tips to write a meaningful love letter in a long-distance relationship.

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