7 Smart Ways to Make Your Kitchen Look Expensive


Interior design can be seen as fashion style. You can get inexpensive pieces to look really elegant and sophisticated with a sense of creativity. Finding the right combinations of colors, textures, and arrangement in a given area can make any part of the house more appealing and more presentable. This does not require breaking the bank to accomplish. In this article, we will suggest 7 hacks on how you can make your kitchen look luxurious.

1. Find the right layout.

In interior design, it’s not always about getting the furniture and fixtures that look expensive. Sometimes, what counts most is the manner on how you arrange or present the layout. Having a cramped space will only make your kitchen look cheap. The rule here is to make room for walking space in between counters and tables. It is also ideal and practical to have the stove, the sink, and the fridge be relatively near one another so they will be most accessible when in use.

2. Paint the walls neatly.

If anything, the kitchen walls deserve the most splurging since this part covers the largest area aside from the flooring. Immediate attention will be given to the nice color or patterns on the wall so it is important that you make it count. You can save by choosing complementary colors or sticking to a basic nude or light color and decide to have an accent wall in the middle. Kitchen tiles as a backsplash will also make a remarkable impression. Do make sure to have a regular pest control check to get rid of termites and other common household pests that may damage and put some holes on the wall.

3. Bring in light.

If you have windows in the kitchen, you’re in luck. To brighten up the space, natural lighting in the kitchen looks captivating and elegant. It also makes the room appear larger. Add stunning light fixtures such as a grand chandelier at the center and some visually stunning side lights at the kitchen corners. Illuminating the area will surely bring in more positive vibe in the room’s ambiance and more energy to spice up your mood in cooking and food preparation.

4. Invest in quality flooring.

You can keep the kitchen appliances standard and the rest of the kitchen looking quite monotone but not the flooring. Without busting the budget, investing in a good quality ceramic tile will give the room a nice touch of taste and classiness. It’s also a smart move to have the tiles installed and laid out diagonally. Ceramic tiles are not as expensive as stone and porcelain tiles but they can look equally as great.

5. Get sturdy kitchen appliances.

If you love to cook and stay in the kitchen, it will be best to get sturdy, reliable, and functional appliances. However, this does not mean that it is necessary to acquire those high-end tools and appliances that are chef-worthy. You can also save a lot if you get only the trusted brands instead of completing a whole line of appliances only for display.

6. Eliminate clutter.

Any clutter-free room will add a boost of refinement in the house and make the other elements stand out. Having a kitchen that’s not messy or dirty will instantly contribute points to making it look expensive. Make sure to wash the dishes and bring back the things into proper order after use. It also helps if you have great storage spaces and cabinets that are allocated for specific items.

7. Accessorize with little details.

Mirrors in the kitchen can give the illusion of a bigger space and can elevate the room’s style. Little details such as fresh flowers, colorful rug, and artworks featuring food and impressionist paintings as pop arts can go a long way.


Buying expensive furniture and appliances is not the only way to add charm to your kitchen space. For a striking impact, a neat design and coherent décor can make an elegant-looking and comfortable kitchen even when you have a tight budget. With these tips, you can achieve a big difference and be proud of your own work.

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Julieane Hernandez is a freelance writer and a hotel and restaurant management graduate turned designer. She’s an advanced tri-athlete during weekends. She’s been in the industry for about 6 years now and learned so much from all the experiences she’s been through. Follow her on twitter and google+ .

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