7 Romantic Ideas for a Valentine’s Day Wedding

7 Romantic Ideas for a Valentine's Day Wedding

7 Romantic Ideas for a Valentine’s Day Wedding

Move aside, June and December brides and grooms. Now, there are more and more couples setting their wedding day in February—on Valentine’s Day itself. How perfectly romantic can that go? Extremely. With that come high expectations as well. In this article, we will tackle about 7 romantic ideas for a Valentine’s Day Wedding.

 7 Romantic Ideas for a Valentine’s Day Wedding

1. Pick a Red or Pink Wedding Dress

Who says the wedding dress has to be white all the time? People now are going more liberated and considerate to wear bolder colors and happier ones on their wedding day. Some brides would don a big ball gown and think of themselves as a Disney princess. The bridesmaid and all members of the wedding entourage would all be in the same motif. For a Valentine’s Day wedding, you can wear a red or pink wedding dress to totally seduce the groom. The texture could be satin and velvety to look more vibrant. The men, on the other hand, would best be clad in black tuxedo.

2. Arrange Colorful Flowers

In most weddings, we often only see white and red roses that are decorated and arranged in vases, along the halls, on the tables, and all around the reception or church venue. There is nothing wrong if you can incorporate more colorful flowers and not only the usual rose in your wedding, especially if it’s a Valentine’s Day themed one. Other good choices are: the sunflower, Grecian wildflower, tulips, snapdragons, pansies, calendula and yellow bells. You can also research for their meaning and go for the one that fits your love story the most.

3. Include Aphrodisiacs on the Menu

Regardless when you are preparing your food yourself, having someone prepare the menu for you or getting a Manila catering, you can never go wrong if you include some aphrodisiacs on the menu as these will really help in setting up the mood. There are the likes of chocolates, oysters, avocados, bananas, basil, and almonds. Guests would surely love the taste and go home happy.

4. Rock the Playlist

Playing your sweetest love songs is ideal, particularly if you choose songs that mean a lot to you personally. Take time to go through memory lane and recall the songs together that became significant in building and firing up your love. It’s best to have both slow songs and those in the rock genre and also ones that can get guests and other couples show their moves and hit on the dance floor.

5. Go for Candlelight Dinner

 A candlelight dinner setting would be most romantic for a Valentine’s Day wedding. Setting up low lights but those enough to light up and highlight the accents of the wedding will look fine and elegant. You can request the wedding caterer to suggest food on the menu that will best suit the romantic occasion. Glowing candles at the table centerpiece and flowers and love letters on the side sound pretty creative.

6. Release Bubbles and Hearts as Confetti

It has always been a norm for the friends and relatives of the married couple to release petals of roses right after the wedding ceremony. If you’re thinking outside the box, there can be a lot more selections to choose from. The confetti take be in a form of bubbles blown by kids, pieces of paper shaped and cut in hearts or even candies and butterflies.

7. Helicopter Landing

Instead of booking for a vintage car, sports car, or a horse-drawn carriage, it’s highly recommended to rent a private helicopter to land at the wedding church or reception. Think modern and dreamy, but make sure it’s safe. Getting down from a helicopter before walking into the aisle would make a grand entrance for everyone to witness. The expressions of the guests’ faces would be priceless. Of course, pictures of the scene will be kept and cherished for a dear lifetime, so better hire great professional wedding photographers and videographers to capture the best shots.


When two people are in love, they can move mountains and plan on everything really adoring and passionate for their wedding. What’s more, getting married on Valentine’s Day will uplift the sweet vibes. Get ready to take it on to a whole new level with these ideas.

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