7 Honeymoon Destinations

7 Honeymoon Destinations

7 Honeymoon Destinations

Marrying couples are often excited to try out new things and see a different world right after the ceremony. They spend more quality time together, enjoying the first few days or weeks of their marriage with honeymoon packages and tour destinations. There is countless number of great places to go to for honeymoon. In this article, we will tackle seven of the most attractive and best honeymoon destinations.

 1. Hawaii

One of the most popular places for honeymooners is Hawaii. Beautiful islands and wonderful horizons set the romantic and honeymoon mode from day till night. People are mostly hospitable as they are accustomed to treating guests with utmost care and kindness. Recommended top spots to visit are Kaui Islands, the Maui Islands, the Oahu islands and Lanai Molokai. Make sure to book a trusted hotel which offers great food and comfortable hotel mattress. You may also consider staying in a resort or a beach house where tranquility lies.

 2.  Tahiti

 Luring honeymooners all over the globe, Tahiti is another great place to spend the first days of the rest of a couple’s life together. As a great escape from the hustle and bustle of the city, this place offers the world’s best beaches with white sands and lukewarm clear waters. Expect to keep calm and feel the earth beneath your toes.

 3. Boracay

 Boracay Island in the Philippines has been ranked the number one tourist spot for those who are in love with the sun and beaches. Honeymooners can get active with the plenty of activities they can do in this island. To name a few, they can have a great bonding time and get to know each other further while boating, kayaking, parasailing, scuba diving, island hopping, swimming, fishing and driving ATV cars.

4. Florida

Known as the sunshine state of the US, Florida features romantic treats that will make honeymooners more in love with each other. This place has the best entertainment that will make anyone enjoy their stay. There can never be a dull moment with activities ranging from flying balloons, visiting art museums and skydiving to paragliding and swimming with the dolphins.

5. Caribbean

 For those who are willing to thrive into food, the Caribbean may just be the best option for a honeymoon destination. Specifically, the island Barbados attracts many people with its promising gustatory delights and colorful culture. It is good to stay here almost at anytime or season of the year because weather is just amazing.

6. Seychelles

If you’re wanderlust and would like to let your feet be your tour guide, Seychelles may suit your preference best. Like heaven on earth, this comprises of alluring islands on the shore of Africa. With stylish background everywhere, it is a perfect place to conduct pictorials and video shoots.

7. Maldives

In Maldives, you can feel like king and queen on top of the world as you enjoy pristine water, white beaches and splendid sights—all with privacy. Note that this exclusively comes with a hefty price, of course. Maldives is popular for offering great spa and massage services to guests.


As soon as the wedding reception is over, married couples set foot on honeymoon period. These listed destinations are among the best of the best. Choosing the ultimate one may be tricky, so critical decision must be made in agreement by the newlyweds.

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