6 things not to do during sex

6 things not to do during sex ? Plus a bonus gift!

You read the attractive man, perhaps followed a seduction coaching. You came to develop a healthy lifestyle, and you are in your sneakers. You link the meetings, and you’re finally powered pole position with the girl that YOU want!

Once you have had your first date, a second. Then comes the moment when you offer him to the last drink at home around this delicious wine that you spoke to him during the evening.

This happens when you say, “it does not have to be wrong.” The sexual act is not an exact science; there is no magic formula to make love. By cons there are and don’t for you will it falls into the “good shot” column.

To do this, and just because it is you, a girl today will give us the keys to success to become the best chance of the ladies. I, therefore, call on Ludivine will give the advice to apply for raising the curtain!

Top 6 errors Don’ts

1) Rushing

Take time to excite the girls! The body of a woman is not a highway to the Holy Grail. Objective number one is not to end in the first race. Think of all preliminary and erotic games that go with.

2) Be selfish

We are no longer at the time of the Neanderthals, do not bother to grab her hair and pushed her head toward your abdomen to make him understand you want a blowjob! A few gentlemen class, start by looking after her and made her understand that reciprocity is something you enjoy.

3) The lack of hygiene

This may seem surprising and a bit off-topic, but remember to take a shower is the ABC before sexual intercourse. Do not apply to women that you do not want them to do you. If you remove her panties and a sudden one you are thrown on the auction of Marseille, before a display of fish is not cool (trust me)! Both say that it cuts the craving live. So think about it!

4) Do not be imaginative enough

Try to be Spontaneous , nothing goes as planned and in the same way from one woman to another! So relax, take things as they come and all will be well. If your ex-did does not want to make love to bed, maybe it would like to do it in the stairwell! So spoil yourself without taking your head.

5) Being monotonous

Either when you make him cunnilingus or as you enter, think variety. Nothing like a bored man who licks for 2 hours without a change of pace or direction, like a cat drinking milk. And the worst of the worst: a man who starts out jackhammer mode. I promise if your buddy Fred ejaculated in 1 min 32 seconds you do not need to do better!

6) Be too fast

The fear of all men is ejaculating before Madame takes her foot! Do not panic if you think that happens to play with your fingers and Language. The clitoris is the organ of female pleasure. So do not just sit there doing nothing, bounce!

After the list of what you must not give way now that you have to put in place and tips to get the best shot of his life!

Top 6 tips for the best chance of his life

1) Hand game, smart game

Think about stroking your partner all the erogenous zones of the body, not just her breasts and clitoris. Neck, buttocks, crotch, are other areas to stimulate to raise tension.

2) Create anticipation

As I have said before, you have to think about creating a kind of flirtation in the sexual act. Caress it between the legs without touching her clitoris and then up towards his neck. It’ll drive her crazy, repeat this game once or twice and then go! By doing this, you will bring up the sexual tension and increase her pleasure afterward!

3) Sex is a game

So be imaginative! Preliminary can start in the shower, or everyone must wash his partner in full without forgetting any part. Finish with a massage with edible oils such. This preliminary is a perfect prelude to the intense sex.

4) Your mouth replaces your fingers

Use your won mouth instead of your fingers to vary the pleasures! Repeat licking his earlobe, kiss her on the neck. Some women love the feeling lollipops, made them to places that do not see, shoulders, wrists. Like with your fingers create a good sexual tension using the technique of anticipation.

5) No place for routine

If you are with your partner for years, remember to be creative. Change places can be a good solution. The stairwell, car or even in the shower. A little creativity can boost sex drive in your relationship!

6) The clitoris, the gateway to the 7th heaven

Take time to caress and lick there. As I have said above, it is the organ of female pleasure. Start by touch her clitoris with the tip of the tongue, alternating movement from bottom to top and circular. When it’s inflated, it will have to “support” a little more for her to feel pleasure. Be careful not to crush it, it’s painful!

Five tips to spice up your love life (bonus)

1) Having sex in the morning

Set your alarm 30-40 minutes earlier in the morning to start with sex. The awakening to sex, nothing like it to get up right!

2) Make love does not use part of your body

Forbidden kiss. So Prohibited are a good way to raise the sexual tension.

3) Try role playing!

Mac, prostitute, for example, nurse. Put yourself in the shoes of another time a report. The rules are defined in advance, and the playground is huge!

4) Make love in a mirror

It’s very exciting .I can’t tell you more!

5) Test unexpected everyday places

Your washing machine made in spinning fashion bonds? Maybe he should sit on it to prevent it makes too much noise? Wild sex and rodeo were guaranteed!

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