6 Quick Tips for Clean Carpet in Your Home

Carpet CleaningCarpets make the home look more luxurious, however maintaining one for the most part may not seem too easy. Especially if you have pets, kids, and house guests who visit frequently, and if the carpets are placed in high traffic areas, there’s a higher chance that it will look dirty and dull quickly. Stains and spills by accident can’t be helped as well. In this article, we will discuss quick tips on how to clean the carpet in your home.1. Act fast.

Don’t let the stain sit on the fibers and surface of the carpet far too long. Once you see it, grab the chance to clean the spot right away. If it’s a colored drink or any liquid, use a soft sponge that’s soaked in water and then sprinkle the affected area with salt. Be careful not to be too harsh though and rub the stain to other direction, as this might only spread the entire mess to unaffected areas.

2. Apply natural products.

Capet cleaning in Adelaide does not require the use of commercial products since you can find natural ingredients found in your own kitchen. Look for vinegar, baking soda, lemon juice, rubbing alcohol, and water since these can be your best arsenal to eliminate greasy stains and stubborn dirt away. Other products may contain harmful ingredients so it’s great to check for product labels if you consider buying packaged cleaning agents instead.

3. Clean up the residue.

After cleaning with carpet, don’t forget to sponge up any residue and wait until the carpet is completely dry. The residues can possibly add on to the stain and be the next culprit of the mess. Another wise suggestion to extend the life of the carpet is by blotting up excess liquid with wipes or paper towels.

4. Use toothbrush.

Who says the toothbrush is only used to brush the teeth? To clean the carpet, you can try using a soft-bristled nylon toothbrush. This is an effective brush whose size is perfect to get into the soft fibers of the carpet without harming the quality and texture of the material. Dab the toothbrush gently with any of your natural cleaning agents such as bleach or vinegar and repeat the process of brushing in one direction consistently until the stain is gone.

5. Drop essential oils.

If you are a fan of spa and aromatherapy, you must be familiar with the usage of essential oils. These are great scents that can hide and even remove the bad smell of the carpet. You can choose to drop any scent you like or even mix and match essential oils such as peppermint, lavender, and lemon to create your own. Mix the oils with baking soda and distilled water then shake them well before actual use.

6. Try ice cubes.

It’s not only stains on the carpet that should be eradicated but also things like chewing gum that’s already stuck in the carpet for a while. The best way to solve the problem is to freeze the gum with ice cubes and wait for a minute. Once you see that it is frozen, lift it up with a spoon and put the trash away.


These tips not only apply to carpets but also to area rugs in the house which similarly add color and more warmth to any room. To make your carpets look new, clean, and fresh, it is a must to regularly check on them for marks or lingering odor that may harm or degrade its life in the long run.

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