6 Little Ways Smartphones Can Screw Up Your Wedding Day


Take a good look at the picture above. Isn’t it wonderful to see your guests as enthusiastic as the ones shown in the feature image? They all seem very attentive, listening to what the married couple has to say.

But in reality, or rather in today’s digital-based era, it’s rare to see a wedding scene like this, where the guests’ hands are either on their laps or holding their program booklet, and all heads gaze at one direction. If you look at today’s setting, perhaps nearly half of the people in this room is looking down with phones glued on their hands.

The idea that the “heavy usage of smartphones kills real social interaction” is not a new one. You don’t want this to happen to your wedding, a once in a lifetime event where everyone should be in a celebratory mood. So it’s good to get informed of the little ways smartphones can ruin your wedding day and how could avoid these blunders.


1. When someone spoils the big moment through pre-wedding photos

A friend you invited over your dressing room takes a picture of you in your wedding dress with full hair and makeup on two hours before the ceremony. No big deal, right? But what if you check your newsfeed and the uploaded picture pops before your eyes? Your guests, who were on their way to the church, have seen it. Your groom, whom you’d want to burst into tears as you walk down the aisle, won’t be surprised anymore.

2. When someone posts wedding details all over social media

Aside from uploading pre-wedding photos, nothing is more irritating than a guest (or even a family member or friend) that spoils your wedding details all over social media before you can even have the chance. What if you want to have an intimate wedding and you had to leave some friends and relatives off your guest list? Or what if your husband-to-be sees how wild you were in your bachelorette party? An innocent tweet can ruin a surprise or even relationships.

So it’s safe to say that the bride and groom should be the first ones to post details about their wedding or to ask permission from them.

3. When someone uses flash to take pics during the ceremony

What’s worse than secretly taking pictures in the middle of a solemn ceremony after being told not to? Not turning off the flash (and the shutter sound as well). Remind your guests that you’ve hired professional photographers (who have the sole rights to use flash) to cover the event so taking pictures with their phones won’t be necessary. At the same time, your photographers should not feel the need to compete with guests, standing and holding up their phones, for a decent shot.

4. When guests neglect the importance of silent mode

“I, Anne Smith, take you, John Williams, to be my lawfully wedded husband, to have and to…”

Then the romantic, tear-filled exchange of vows gets interrupted by the catchy tune of Ed Sheeran’s “Shape Of You.” And the blunder gets recorded on tape.

5. When everyone is on their phones instead of participating

You and your partner invested a lot of time, money, and energy to make your wedding day a success and it would be such a shame if your guests cannot abide by your simple request – to pay attention. Most of them are staring down at their phones instead of celebrating each moment with you. Some are taking as much selfie and groufie as possible to update their IGs. Some are chatting with their uninvited friends. And some just can’t wait to trade stocks or answer a client’s e-mail.

6. And they don’t look good in the photos

Photographers will agree.

A sea of people, staring down at their mobile devices, can wreak havoc on your wedding photos and video documentations. Photos are meant to capture great moments, so you’d feel good as you look back a few years from now. Your guests serve as the backdrop and it’s not pleasing to see them with phones glued on their hands instead of cheering for the lawfulness of your union.

Saying yes to an “off the grid” wedding

Technology should work for your wedding and not against it.

To keep such digital faux pas from ruining your big day, why not take it back to the old school? Travel back to a period where no gadgets can replace the enjoyment of genuine, face-to-face social interaction over cheese and cocktails.

Tell your guests that you want to have an off the grid wedding. This means they have to leave their phones in their bags or turn them off so they could sit back, relax, and enjoy every moment of your wedding. Make it clear that you’ve hired professional photographers and videographers to cover the event so they won’t have to bother taking photos then posting them online.

Just for one day, ask them to go offline, to leave their work-related issues at the office, and to do nothing but celebrate with you.

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