6 Etiquette Tips for Married Couples

6 Etiquette Tips for Married Couples
6 Etiquette Tips for Married Couples

Being married does not mean that you just have to take your partner for granted since he/she is already “tied” to you for life. Rather, this means that you have greater responsibility to make sure that the bond won’t get weak no matter how long you have been staying in the relationship. There are truly times when misunderstandings and miscommunications happen, but these things can be avoided when right etiquette is considered and practiced every day. In this article, we will share six etiquette tips for married couples.

Maintain constant face-to-face conversations.

In this time and age when phone conversations and chats through the computer and mobile apps are rampant and easily accessible, married couples should not pass the chance to only rely on these technologies to converse. Having a one-on-one and face-to-face talks will enable the relationship to grow stronger because nothing can replace intimate conversations than seeing how the person reacts and talks in real life. Spending quality time with each other physically is key to sustain a harmonious married life.

Give your full attention.

Attention, please. You’re not a slave to your husband or wife, but with respect comes the natural inclination to give full attention to your spouse as necessary. Intimacy is lost when two people or at least one is not serious or is not showing enough importance to the other’s time and space. For instance, intentionally putting your phone in silent mode or turning it upside down when you’re engaged in a private activity is a must to avoid interruptions and feelings of resentment.

Divide and conquer.

Husband and wife should be a team to take over responsibilities in the house, and these include house chores and errands that must be done daily. You can take turns in washing the dishes, cooking food, cleaning the windows, and ironing the clothes. Additionally, it’s also a good practice to agree on fulfilling duties and responsibilities as parents if you already have kids. Sending the kids to school and helping them complete their homework can be done by one, while the other helps them prepare books and clothes to be used for the next school day.


Relationships are a two-way traffic, involving not only verbalizing thoughts but also listening to the other person’s sentiments. Decisions in the house must be made in agreement, such as buying new gadgets, furniture, or looking for affordable kitchen appliances in the Philippines. Deciding for these requires listening to each other’s points before concluding to common result so any action will be done with conviction and grace.

Learn to compromise.

Often married couples fight because they cannot take to lose their pride and turn their ego down. It is hard to compromise but it’s a learning process that is really worthwhile. Your spouse is your lifelong partner and it will be best to set your priorities and clear out issues and quarrels right away. If neither wants to settle, asking for the help of a professional marriage counsellor can help.

Know your limitations.

In some cases, there are times and activities where you don’t get along. For example, you love shopping in the mall and he likes staying in the house and watching movies. Being married does not mean that you are held as hostage to your partner. It also means knowing your limitations and when you can spend your “me” time alone without totally abandoning the other person. By having strict limitation such as no going out on dates with other men or drinking with friends of the opposite sex, you can have a more secured marriage considering etiquette.


Given these basic principles for married couples, you will be well on your way to manage and maintain a great relationship with your spouse. Respect, time, and love are three important elements in relationship etiquette so make sure to have a proper balance of everything.

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