6 Big Reasons Why Guests Might Have Hate Your Wedding

6 Big Reasons Why Guests Might Have Hate Your Wedding

6 Big Reasons Why Guests Might Have Hate Your Wedding

Weddings are supposed to be the greatest and most perfect ceremonial celebrations of love. Guests are meant to enjoy this event together with the newly wedded couple. Friends and families all unite to attend the most special occasion of their beloved couple. However, there are cases when guests just hate the wedding because of some mistakes and horrible disasters. In this article, we will discuss some of those reasons.

6 Big Reasons Why Guests Might Have Hate Your Wedding

1. Venue is Hard to Locate

Guests are sent invitations weeks or even months before the actual event. In the invitation, listed are the details of the wedding such as the names of the bride and groom, their parents, sponsors, the church venue and the reception venue. The date and time of the wedding as well as the few reminders in terms of required attire and reservation are also indicated. Still, there are some people who do not take note of all these until the night before the big day. Especially when venue is hard to locate on the map, it’s frustrating for the attendees to come over. A big help would be to post suggested routes and advice on traffic estimated for that time of day.

2. Unsatisfying Food

One of the highlights in a wedding reception is food. Catering in Manila should be booked in advanced so you can get a good package that’s well worth the price. Make sure to also choose the best food to serve to guests as they deserve to enjoy a gastronomic experience in this grand day. Feel free to make a few rounds of sampling and tasting before finally deciding for a catering service provider. After having your guests drive for hours to arrive at the venue, don’t expect them to be happy when served only with a slice of ham, canned fruits, canned mixed vegetables and a cheap-tasting wine.

3. No Activities

If the only activity there is at your wedding reception is eating, then guests might excuse themselves from the occasion right after the last dish is served. In a wedding, you should at least prepare and present games, slideshows and activities which encourage everyone to participate and have fun. If everyone in the room knows each other, chatting and mingling might be a good activity. However, if everyone is part of a different group which belong to different circles, then you should have an ice breaker unless you want silence and awkward moments in the wedding reception.

4. Terrible Timing

Unfortunately, some weddings happen during weekdays when most guests cannot attend because they have work to do and they are busy. Dearest people who would consider filing a vacation leave to go to your wedding are those you should most appreciate. In choosing a date and time for your wedding, it’s best to also consider the availability of the guests and consider their schedules as well.

5. Extreme Weather

Partly related to terrible timing is bad weather of the wedding day. When you know that a super strong typhoon or a natural disaster will be coming to strike your area days before the wedding, you can alert the organizers and think through before confirming the event. People will really hate to attend your wedding knowing that their safety and comfort are at stake because of bad weather.

6. Wrong Choice in Music

Everyone would want to feel relaxed and composed as a guest in the wedding. Playing inappropriate songs for a wedding might just ruin the mood and ambiance. Examples are those songs whose lyrics include death of a lover, occurrences of love affairs, death of a relationship, domestic violence, and the like. These types of songs influence negativity and do not give out any romantic vibe to the wedding.


In planning for a wedding, everything must be considered. These six items are just the tip of the icebergs when it comes to organization and setting up. Sometimes, things don’t happen as expected and you should also account for Plan B. Your wedding would be forever not only in your mind but your guests’ as well. Learn from “wedding horror stories” and commit not to make the same mistakes with your wedding.

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