5 Tips for Dividing Chores in Your Marriage

5 Tips for Dividing Chores in Your Marriage
House chores are probably one of the most commonly ignored issues as couples decide to get married. Or rather, it is a taboo topic that no one would want to open for discussion; it would be like surrendering yourself to hell if you start mentioning it. But when that knot has been tied, there’s definitely no other way of escaping it but a peaceful, optimistic, big talk.

Dividing tasks in the house is quite easy if both parties can compromise and make little sacrifices. Conflicts can be anticipated but for the sake of love and keeping the relationship healthy, here are 5 tips for you and your partner to overcome the challenge of assigning and doing chores.

Create a list

Before anything else, plan and list down all things at home that must be sorted. Observe the sections in your house and take note of the tasks to clean and organize those areas. This list will be your baseline on what you and your spouse shall fulfil as you later decide the division of chores.

Apply equality

No one can deny the pain of applying kindness and fairness when it comes to house chores. You would always want to find ways to outsmart the other to do less. But this also goes the same with your partner who is secretly trying to be wiser than you.

To solve this silent competition, use the list you have created and measure the level of difficulty and the volume and frequency of each task together. Defining how difficult each chore will allow you to divvy it to the person who is more capable of accomplishing it. Meanwhile, the volume and needed frequency of each task can forecast how often it must be done. In this way, you would be able to allocate housework equally that is objective to both of your strengths, skills, and availability.

Schedule the chores

From the measurements you have identified for each assigned task, be honest on how much you can do and how frequent you plan to work to accomplish them. Discuss your schedules and free times to avoid yourselves from giving excuses when the “chore time” alarms. This can also support you in deciding whether a professional cleaner or helper would be needed to clean the house thoroughly.

Make clear agreements

The process of dividing the chores never really ends as the things in your house change as well as your availability. With this, conclusions shall not be strictly closed but they should be at least clear to be followed for a span of time.

To make clear agreements, be open, just, and flexible for your significant other. Be open about your worries and limitations, while also trying your best to adjust and improve to complement your partner’s efforts. Agree on how much dedication each of you will put and make sure that all concerns will be put to rest before the start of your house missions or pointy fingers will surely be experienced.

Ask for professional assistance

If you are a couple who has no time to clean the mess in your house, cannot do certain tasks such as carpet cleaning, or simply and absolutely cannot perform housework at all, asking for professional help like those from Adelaide and cleaning agencies is also a good choice. You may also prevent having fights with your spouse with the chores being taken care of by an expert. Although your monthly expenses may increase, a cleaner and healthier environment will be guaranteed for your family.


There are several ways and styles in distributing the housework. Some married couples may not want to calculate and divide it, and prefer the method of random cleaning. But to ensure that no one would feel like fooled, stressed or pressured in the end, these tips of preparing, planning, and making agreements can keep your life together in harmony, with justice, and understanding for a much longer term.

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