5 Secrets to Amp Up Your Living Room

5 Secrets to Amp Up Your Living Room

5 Secrets to Amp Up Your Living Room

Take one good look at your living room today, mothers and housewives. Go ahead. Just take a peek. Does it make you go “Yeah!” or “Ugh!”? If it’s the latter, it means that it’s time for a living room makeover.

You might be thinking, “Well, I just don’t know where to start!” Worry not, dear friend! In today’s article, you’ll take home 5 secrets to amp your own living room, including a sofa bed made in the Philippines (there, we just gave away the first secret).

Secret #1: Sofa beds are your best friends

A standard house will have 2-3 plush couches in your living room for receiving guests. That’s all well and good, but it only serves a few purposes altogether. Throw a few sofa beds into the mix for a bit of variety (and flavor to boot). A sofa bed is a type of furniture that can be assembled both as a couch and a bed, should people choose to drift off into a deep sleep. Uratex has a few interesting selections you might be interested to look at.

Suddenly, sofa beds make your children’s sleepovers (and your own with your girl friends) much more exciting.

Secret #2: Throw pillows…lots of them

Nothing says to guests, “Sit here. It’s soooo comfortable!” than an assortment of throw pillows neatly arrange across a couch. The beauty about throw pillows is that you can by all sorts of designs and colors, adding more color and life to an otherwise plain palate, like white or crème, on a sofa. They also become items of enjoyment for children when they decide to have a pillow fight with their friends. Admit it, when you and your girl friends get together, you still have some pretty intense pillow wars too, right? Be careful that they don’t break, though.

Secret #3: Sheer and uncoated curtains

One reason why your living room looks utterly drab is because you lack natural light. You’re probably using blackout curtains, which is a definite design no-no. Blackout curtains fit for bedrooms, but not the living room. If that’s the case, change them with a combination of sheer and uncoated curtains. Sheers are a translucent material that reduces the amount of sunlight entering the window, but still gives it a healthy, pleasing glow to the eyes.

Uncoated curtains, on the other hand, border on the near-opaque, but still give a faint glow when light passes through. This is perfect when you need to close the curtains at the end of the day. The mixture of sheer and uncoated drapes still gives you some much-needed privacy.

Secret #4: A large footstool as an additional table

A glass or wooden coffee/cocktail table is a staple in the living room area. When you or your guests decide to dine or drink, hence the name. But what if you went in a totally different direction? Why not ditch getting another coffee table and buy a large footstool instead? Rather than use it as a platform for everybody’s drinks and plates, you can place books on the surface. When people read them, all they need to do is grab a book and place their feet conveniently on the surface. They’ll be praising you for such a brilliant design idea. Just you wait and see.

Secret #5: A gaming console wouldn’t hurt either

If you’ve got sons who are gamers, one way to keep them interested in your living room is if you put a gaming console there. It’ll effectively make this area his and his buddies’ “hang out zone”. And hey, as long as there are people making use of this house space, why not, right?

Know any more secrets to amp up your living room? Let us know in the comments section below.

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