5 Safe Destinations for Solo Women Travelers

Up the hilltops, downside slumping valleys, in bazaars of bangles, and at the shorelines; ever since your mind has been fantasizing the solo trip but that headlines in your paper tend to choke your dreams. Poor it is but don’t you worry, there are many cities proven to be safe for solo women travellers. As a glimpse, here are the top 5 destinations which thousands of women have stamped as safe for travelling alone.

To start your first travel with:

1. Shimla: Queen of Hills for the Queen of Hearts

Toy Train Shimla

Toy Train, Photo by Mahatma, CC BY 2.0

Passing through all the way through stupendous beauty, the toy train will take you to Shimla, only to enrapture you even more. Being an eminent tourist landmark, Shimla attracts tourists every year, locals and foreigners alike. This makes it quite safe for women too. There you can indulge in some icy fun at South Asia’s only ice skating rink or engage in some solace with prayers at Christ Church. And when remember to stop by the Lakkar Bazaar as you amble down the Mall road. There’re plenty of items that are waiting to find a place in that extra bag you’ve brought. One must visit Shimla, while on a trip to India.

2. Udaipur, Rajasthan: Havelis, Jharokhas & Romance


City Palace, Photo by Jon Connell, CC BY 2.0

Rajputs are known for their dignity, the same you’ll feel the moment you step in this panorama of royal charm. The warm friendliness of guides and locals alike will make you feel absolutely safe in the city; so that you can have one-of-its-kind experience, the romance of solitude as Tom Robbins puts in. Udaipur or the City of Lakes is a landscape of wonders including Lake Pichola, City Palace, Baghor-Ki-Haveli, Sunset Point and what not. For lovers of ethnic fashion, the Palace Road features dazzling collections of kurtis, sarees, silver jewellery, gem stud earrings and famous mirror-work bangles. And if you can go deep in your pockets, a stay at Lake Palace awaits many unforgettable memories for you.

3. Ladakh: Feel Yourself at The Top


Hemis Festival, Photo by Amiya, CC BY 2.0

Once you go on the road in the rugged valleys of Ladakh, you would want to come here again and again. Whether you are an adventure lover, an explorer or a solace seeker, this is a perfect place, in terms of safety as well. With snow, clad mountains surrounding this area as well as numerous monasteries offering spiritual guidance, it is definitely one of the top most destination on every traveller’s bucket list.

Take a bus to Baltik highway, go on a jeep safari, revolve the prayer wheels or take a paragliding flight, once you are in the mountains, it’s up to you how you want to celebrate your freedom.

This ‘Moon Land’ or ‘Mysterious Land’ as many people call it does offer spending views to its tourists and thereby acts as one perfect getaway destination with your friends and family members.

Some prime attractions in this area include the famous Magnetic Hill combined with the serenity of Pangong Tso Lake, the famous place where the climax of blockbuster movie ‘3 Idiots’ was shot.  There is the thrill of driving on the highest motorable road, and then there is the long, exciting trek over the frozen river in the Suru glacier. Other attractions of Ladakh include Leh Palace, Nubra Valley and Hemis Gompa. Whenever you plan your itinerary, go through

4. Varanasi: For the Devotional Longing in You


Ghat, Photo by Patrick Barry, CC BY-SA 2.0

The fragrance of incense humming in the cool breeze, sacred waters kissing the ghats and reflections of blushing Sun will instantly transfer you to a zone of relief you’ve been seeking in the 9-to-5 days. Blend of spiritual charm, and urban splendour is what Varanasi is famous for. Probably this is the reason why it receives swarms of tourists across the globe. Adding to it, if you are a holistic traveller, you can have a good Ayurvedic massage or a yoga session. Remember to pack a Benarasi silk saree, or two!

5. Mysore: Dissolve in The Scent of Sandalwood City


Mysore Palace, Photo by Spiros Vathis, CC BY-ND 2.0

The cultural hotspot of India, Mysore carries an unspeakable aura that reflects itself in its places and people. Also, known as the City of Palaces, the city with a third largest population in Karanataka, silently boasts of rich cultural heritage preserved in the many palaces, temples, museums and monuments it holds. There are numerous must visit places in this district with one of the most popular one being the majestic Mysore Palace.

This place is not only famous for the palaces but does also contain numerous places of worship as well as natural beauty. Being here you can visit the Chamundeshwari temple which is believed to be constructed in the late 17th century and is a fine example of single rock architecture practiced during ancient times.

There are other places such as the famous mysore zoo housing numerous varieties of animals and birds, and then there is the famous Brindavan garden which helps you stay as well as experience nature to its very best.
And not to forget, this city is the central hub of the famous Mysore silk sarees and bangles. Hence you can be sure to get your hands on some of the best souvenirs for your friends as well as family.

So, the pragmatic moms, the HRs, the mademoiselle, the shy diva and the secret Miss Rome, stop reading travel blogs, create one of your own. Still, in those bobbing thoughts, bridge those untravelled fantasies and complete that long pending trip. And of course, to start with you have the above mentioned 5 cities. Lady, let go!

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