5 Good Reasons Why You Should Never Skimp On Your Wedding Makeup

The stress of planning a wedding is no joke – plenty of things has to be done including the hunt for the best yet budget-friendly caterers, dressmakers, and photographers. Since it’s one of the most memorable events for the couple, everything has to be perfect. Not to downplay grooms but in most cases, the brides are the ones who get really exhilarated about the wedding day. Next to the wedding gown, the bridal hair and makeup are a crucial aspect, though they’re often put at the least of priorities.

With other wedding costs to keep in mind, we cannot blame frugal couples for skimping on these. Some brides opt for cheaper styling services, hire a non-pro makeup junkie, or even do their own wedding hair and makeup to cut expenses. But is omitting the need for a professional hair and makeup artist (HMUA) worth it?

When you look at the numbers, pro hair and makeup may seem a bit pricey. By the end of the day, the cosmetics will still fade so why bother throwing $150 for it? But if you come to realize the pros and cons of having your bridal look done by a professional, the good will knock off the bad. Here are five reasons why you shouldn’t scrimp on your look.

1. Hiring a pro minimizes your wedding-induced stress

Thinking about DIY? Not on your wedding day, sweetheart. Unless you’re a makeup pro yourself and you have the tools, you should leave this job to a skilled HMUA. The day is going to be very frantic and with this, it’ll be easy to sabotage your look if you insist on doing your own makeup. And besides, you’ve been stressed during the planning process so it’s suggested that you give yourself a chance to sit back, relax, and let a skilled stylist glamorize you.

2. Pro makeup artists have mastered the art and science of makeup

Folks who live and breathe cosmetics and who have worked on hundreds of different faces sure know how to elevate your look with their craft. Remember that these people are called “artists” for a very good reason– they’re never satisfied with mediocre work. They’ve studied the proper makeup types, the right selection of colors, and application techniques, so they could cater to their clients’ desired look.

Gone are the days when makeup is just all about dusting colors. Today, makeup is the new Photoshop. Do you have flaws you’d wish to hide? Or perhaps a stunning facial feature you want to emphasize? Experienced HMUAs can provide great coverage for your blemishes with the right foundation, even out the shape of your brows with precise tweaking and lining, and define your bone structures with the right contouring technique suitable for your face shape.

3. They use only the best products and tools

With happy tears and sweat expected to be flowing on your big day, you might want to ensure the quality of the cosmetics you’ll be using.

If you settle for cheap makeup services with a bunch of novices, chances are their products are cheaper too. Think about smudging mascaras, itchy foundation, and limited choices of tones. Not to mention, their outdated cosmetics and overused, germ-infused sponges and brushes might kiss your skin. You can’t pawn both your bridal look and skin health to low-quality, short-lasting cosmetics.

Quality is key. Experienced HMUAs use exceptional (and possibly expensive) products designed for long-lasting wear and these are professionally applied to you. They know which type of foundation is best for your skin. And we’re not just talking about the shade but the chemical content of the product and how it works for oily, dry, and sensitive skin.

4. Photographs matter

Mom influenced me to live a frugal life, and I’m grateful that she did. However, I didn’t concede when she said, “it’s never wise to spend a hundred dollars on makeup you’ll only be wearing for a day.” For a regular day at work, yes, but not for a wedding. It may last for solely 12 hours but the photographs taken will last a lifetime. Your wedding photos stand as living proofs of the good (and not so good) memories created on your big day.

Hiring a pro stylist helps ensure that you’ll appear alluring on both your wedding day and in the photos. He/she knows how to a person photogenic. If your makeup is applied poorly, you’ll appear flat, oily, overdone, or underdone in your wedding photos, which are the last things you’d want to see when you browse your wedding album.

5. Looking good = feeling good

Whether you want to go for a simpler and more natural look or you want to be a little extra with bold, smokey eyes, professional HMUAs will make it possible for you to get your dream look on your wedding day. You want to look immaculate and flawless. You want to “wear the wedding dress” and not let the wedding dress outshine you. You want everyone to stare in awe as you walk down the aisle.

There are plenty of reasons for hiring a professional hair and makeup artist but they all boil down to looking your best on your big day and feeling good about it. And I believe that’s priceless.

Author Bio: Carmina Natividad is one of the enthusiastic writers for Jennifer Regan, a shop in Sydney that caters to women who are looking for the perfect bridal dress to wear as they walk down the aisle. Her articles mainly focus on fashion and beauty, which help soon-to-be-brides prepare for their wedding day.

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