10 Stylish Living Room Decor Ideas

People like to say “New Year, new look” and we completely agree with this saying. This part of the year is the perfect time to make some changes in your life. You can dye your hair in a different color, change the style of your outfits or you can redecorate your living room and that is exactly why we are here. Changing the look of your living room is no easy task by any means, especially for people who are not that creative.

Luckily, we have come up with a number of decor ideas for you to pick from. From contemporary modern designs to retro looks, we have something for everyone, so stick with us to the end and you will certainly find something that suits your taste.

Vintage décor

A vintage-styled living room is perfect for people that love that timeless look of the 1960s. Soft colors, with a couple of vintage items, will bring back the elegance of past years. There is no need to buy new furniture, you can get a slipcover for your current one, just buy something with stripes or floral pattern. Additionally, you can buy online replicas of vintage posters; they are a great decorative piece for your walls.

Gold touches

For people who like elegance and luxury, we recommend decorating your living room with a couple of golden accessories. Now, we are not talking about furnishing your living room with golden statues, beams, etc. Instead, try painting a couple of lines with golden paint, maybe use golden curtain rods or golden picture frames. As you can see, only small details should be painted gold and the rest of the room can have white and black motives.

White furniture

White furniture is a great way to brighten up your living room. If your living room isn’t as big as you would like, you will need to use illusionary tricks to make it appear more spacious. Bright-colored walls and white furniture will create such an effect. On top of that, white color has always been a synonym for elegance and style, so you don’t have to worry about it ever going out of fashion. To break all that brightness, use natural materials, like wood, for your table and other details in the living room.

Southern style

Next up we have a southern style design for the living room. If you love classic designs, then maybe this one will be ideal for you. Nothing says southern style more than wooden beams, creamy colors, wooden furniture, and window treatments that go from top to bottom. It is essentially a very elegant, posh look and if you want to properly implement it in your living room, then you will need quite a bit of space. You can use colors like blue for your curtains and other items to mix them with your cream-colored furniture and walls.

Mix fabrics

A lot of people are afraid to mix fabrics and patterns. This usually leads to boring and bland looking living rooms. Remember to have fun when designing a new look for your living room. For example, you don’t have to get chairs that match your sofa. Buy one with floral patterns, another with stripes and your couch can be single colored. There really are no rules; different patterns can go well together and don’t believe when someone says otherwise. The only thing you should care about is if the colors complement each other. The last thing you want is a rainbow circus in your living room.

Dark walls

Not a lot of people would dare to paint their walls in dark colors, like black, dark-gray, ash, etc. At first glance, it might seem too gloomy for a living room, but believe us, if done properly, your living room will be the most elegant in the neighborhood. Of course, you can’t have everything in dark tones, so the key is to break it up with bright and light details.

Lamps, curtains, chandeliers, shelves and other accessories around your living room should be used to break the dark tone of the walls and furniture. But be careful, if you go overboard with bright-colored details, you will create an ordinary bright room.

Beautiful hardwood floor

There is nothing prettier in a living room than handcrafted hardwood floors. The majority of people use rugs to cover their floors and even though this can be a fine look, there is something special about hardwood floors. They give warmth and a cabin-like look to your living room. Add some furniture from natural materials and a fireplace, and you will create a mountain lodge experience right in your living room.

Let nature in

If you have a backyard or a beautiful natural scenery behind your house, then you should definitely open up your living room and let “nature in”. Of course, we are not saying that you should grow a tree in the middle of the room, but you can, for example, take down a wall on one side and install French bi fold doors. This way, you will have a great view and if you want a bit of privacy, you can always put curtains on that side of the wall. Additionally, a full-glass wall is another great solution, but it requires a lot more work and money to install properly.

Red details

People say that red is not an ideal color for your living room. This is mainly because red is an intense color and most people want to relax in their living room. But there are ways to use red color and not disturb the calming nature of the room. For example, your furniture can have some red details or you can put a couple of paintings with red motives on your walls. Either way, even the smallest hints of red will create an amazing effect in your living room.

And that is all from us. Redesigning your living room will not be easy by any means, but we hope that you found some interesting ideas in our article. Just pick one that suits your taste and don’t be afraid to experiment.

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