10 Most Fascinating Places to Explore in Southeast Asia

10 Most Fascinating Places to Explore in Southeast Asia

10 Most Fascinating Places to Explore in Southeast Asia

Most of us have dreamed of a life of travel and for sure, we have a bucket list of places to visit. If you are one of these people, you might want to start your adventure and traveling journey in Southeast Asia. Fun and exposure to new learning await!

 1. Vietnam

 If you are a nature junkie, one of the places you can count on in Southeast Asia is Halong Bay in Vietnam. This is home to wonderful islands filled with limestone and unique rocks in different textures, shapes and sizes that cannot be found elsewhere. Don’t forget to bring your camera to capture picturesque landscapes and the rarest species of faunas growing on its lands.

 2. Cambodia

 Moving on, the neighbor of Vietnam is Cambodia. Tourists rave over the historical sites in Angkor Wat where religious structures and establishments are most known to be favorites. You can have fun here traversing and hiking along the breadth of the temples and places where people gather to discover different faiths.

 3. Laos

 Also near Vietnam and Cambodia is Laos, where you can find Buddha caves, watch the best sunset on Phu Si Hill, visit a peculiar sight called the Plains of Jar and swim in the Kuang Si falls where harmony and tranquility can be both felt and experienced.

4. Philippines

 There are a lot of famous attractions in the Philippines, but among its offered highlights are its rich natural resources in over 7000 islands, its rich culture, the vast and diverse food specialties in every region, and its friendly and hospitable countrymen. Book a trip to the different provinces and cities and discover beauty at its finest.

 5. Thailand

 The Karon Beach Resort in Thailand is a wonderful resort spa that is flocked by more and more tourists. Thailand is not only known for its beaches but also for its beautiful women and “lady-boys. Foodies come to this country to sample many delicious and spicy foods. With tropical weather almost the whole year ‘round, this country in Southeast Asia is a center for godly elephants, the biggest temples and also the cheapest buys.

 6. Myanmar

 Head down to the world’s longest teak foot bridge that’s found in Myanmar (Burma) in the Taungthaman Lake. It is best to travel here during the dry season so you would be able to see the surreally high vegetable gardens producing seasonal fruits. What’s more, enter the religious caves and temples that are by far the most impressive.

 7. East Timor

 East Timor might not ring much of a bell when it comes to the most fascinating places when you search about it online. But people who have been there have written a lot of great experiences on its white sand beaches. These waters are near the gentle rolling slopes of the surrounding mountains. Get thrilled to indulge in water sports activities and shout at the top of your lungs while viewing fine sights at the same time.

 8. Hong Kong

 Hong Kong is one of the busiest countries in Southeast Asia, a home of different skilled individuals from around the world. This country is a hub for tourism, where light from the sun shines best at daytime and skyscrapers’ lights provide shine to the city at night. Visitors should not dare leave Hong Kong without touring Hong Kong Disneyland, Ocean Park, Victoria Peak and Tsim Sha Tsui.

 9. Malaysia

 Of course, in Malaysia, who has not heard of the world’s tallest twin towers? Fly to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and take a grand shot in front of the Petronas Twin Towers and witness how incredible the buildings are built. Be entertained nonstop in Genting Highlands but remind yourself to not gamble all your money away in the casino. This place also beckons theme parks for children and adults.

 10. Singapore

 Just near Malaysia, Singapore might be a small country and others may consider it only as a city. However, there are more exciting tourist-y spots here than others. Want clubbing, dancing, drinking and partying the night away hopping from one restaurant and bar to another? Here in Clarke Quay, Singapore, you can accomplish all these. There’s also a bar called The Clinic, an eatery that is similar to a hospital fitted with bed and chairs with dextrose and blood transfusion.


 Casting beauty and allure, Southeast Asian countries house the world’s best beaches and bustling cities that can get you hooked in no time. So get ready to pack your bags now as we list down the 10 most fascinating places in this region.

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