10 Most Awesome Perks for Solo Travel

10 Most Awesome Perks for Solo Travel

10 Most Awesome Perks for Solo Travel

Famous philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre once said that hell is other people. Some people are convinced that this debatable opinion is truth when it comes to traveling. Getting out and seeing the world sometimes involves a solo appreciation without others nagging behind and lecturing you on what’s what or which is which. Imagine eliminating companions in travel and just letting your feet guide you on where to go. In this article, we will discuss the 10 most awesome perks of traveling alone.

1. Be Your Own Boss

You instantly become the only decision maker for the entire trip. There will be no one saying no to your plans. Adjustments and cancellations will all be made according to your preference on the agenda. You can stay longer in a place or dine in wherever restaurant you want to try.

2. Absorb Culture More

You can get into the crazier side of a town or any place if you go by yourself. By then, you can stop worrying and caring about others you’re with in the same trip. As a result, you can embrace the culture of the place more, interview folks, get to know them a bit closer and talk to them longer.

3. Have More Time

Waiting is a time killer. Especially when you do not have the patience to wait for your companion in the trip, you can experience hell looking at time. If you are traveling solo, you can spend more time at your own pace.

4. Experience Couch-surfing

Some people prefer to stay at a luxurious hotel with super soft and high end hotel mattress, while some may just want to lie down on a simple couch and sleep the night away. There are a lot of options when it comes to accommodation. If you are comfortable in practical stay-in, you can spare more money and consider couch-surfing.

5. Learn About Yourself

Sometimes you are too preoccupied thinking about the benefit of others that you forget to learn more and discover your likes and dislikes. When you travel solo, another perk is that your choices can be made possible. Since all decisions and paths are up to you, you will begin to realize when you step out of your comfort zone and feel good about being independent this time around.

6. Locals Love You

If you are with a group of friends while traveling, you would mostly feel shy to approach the locals and mingle with them. On the opposite side of the situations, being alone would translate to more openness to feel part of the local crowd. Locals would feel cool to chat with you. Take the plunge and find no excuse to love them back.

7. Disguise All You Want

When traveling alone, you can always introduce yourself as another person and escape reality for just a moment. Say a different name, mention a different background and picture a different status from what you are now. You can do this for fun but remember that it is not eternity. Be creative with your stories but do not overdo it to the point that you will become an instant celebrity.

8. Have Less Unperformed Options

Let’s face it. When you travel with family or friends, you tend to welcome their opinions and preference rather than yours. When you plan for a solo travel, there will be less drama, less cries and shout-outs!

9. More Sleep Time

There will be no one pressuring you to wake up early to get to more destinations. If you really feel like being on a vacation, you will treat time as gold as well in resting and making sure that your mental and physical body is in shape before you start the day touring.

10. Buy Souvenir Items

Traveling with your loved ones lessens the chance of you wanting to buy souvenir items for people at home. When this happens, regret may come next as you do not have anything to keep as remembrance from the place visited. Traveling alone somewhat requires purchasing of gifts so you can treasure these items when you’re back.


Traveling solo may be a dream for most people, since this time you can be whoever you want to be in a faraway place. You are armed with nothing but a map and probably a tool to help you translate some of the common phrases used by the place to communicate. It could be fun and adventurous, but it’s always best to keep safe.

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