10 Dating Ideas for Married Couples

10 Dating Ideas for Married Couples

10 Dating Ideas for Married Couples

Being busy with everyday chores, raising kids and doing tasks for word should not stop married couples to find time to date and rekindle their love once more. Bonding and dating are activities that would help develop the connection as these instigate communication and then intimacy and romance. Dating is important as it ignites the fire that keeps a long-lasting relationship. In this article, we will list down 10 dating ideas for married couples.

1. Cook a Special Meal

If the wife cooks regular meals at home for the family, maybe the husband can do it this time. Make it special by serving unique ingredients that form an interesting dish. It’s okay to enroll in a course that teaches cooking or watch videos online to be equipped with the basic knowledge and skills to do the meal. As for the location, serve this special food somewhere with a romantic ambiance. It can be just at home with you and your partner, by the beach or on a hillside.

2. Watch Movies

Dates do not have to be expensive. You can have a date with your partner at the comfort of your bed with polyurethane foam in your room by watching movies you both love. You can rent out DVDs, get popcorn or hotdogs, turn off the light and project the screen out to a multimedia projector to watch your favorite movies as if in a theater.

3. Watch the Stars

What’s more romantic than lying down on grass on a picnic blanket and watching the stars at night? Go check if there are astrology signs formed in the sky and make stories about the shapes. This can be done on a chill and dim night. Do not forget your binoculars to have a better view.

4. Get a Massage

Tiring days must be forgotten. Leave the stress at work and offer just relief to your partner on your date. You can go to a massage parlor or spa together and get rid of stressed muscles. If you want to be more intimate, it’s a good idea to massage your wife or husband yourself. Light scented candles or aromatic oils to bring out a more sensual vibe.

5. Visit a Museum

There can be no shortage of places to visit in your area that you have not been to before. To make your date official, purchase passes for two and reserve time to visit a museum. It can be nearby or somewhere far in the same city. The experience would be both a fun and enriching one as you get to learn and discover more things together.

6. Get Sporty

Some married couples are just tired of doing errands and do not mind to do sports at all. It’s best to plan a sporty day for a date. Go biking, hiking, trekking, trailing, swimming, scuba diving or even mountain climbing.

7. Hang Out in a Bookstore

Reading books and sharing thoughts are surefire ways to make you talk about things that are not usual in your everyday routine. If your topics range from only work, household, the weather, social or political current events, then it’s time to make a difference by expanding your knowledge by reading more.

8. Attend Photography Sessions

Knowing how to capture great photographs is essential particularly for married couples who have dire interests to photography and those who want documentation of how their lives pass by. After the session, you can go have a pictorial where one is the model and one if the photographer.

9. Learn Dancing

Dancing with your partner will furthermore improve your relationship to a notch. Dancing is also communicating but through movement. Of course, there is the verbal aspect to it when you should instruct each other and coordinate. This is a happy activity you can always practice.

10. Play Board Games

You are never too old to play board games at home. Make fun of each other in Monopoly or Scrabble and try to keep it easy. You can also incorporate dares and tricks to the loser of the game! This is a way to get to know each other more, particularly if you are newlyweds.


Marriage is not all about pain and challenges that have to be surpassed as a couple. It is also about continuing to listen intently and understand each other. Dating is a good way to bridge gaps and reunite hearts.

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