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All about E.ON energy – Europe’s top electricity provider

E.ON energyE.ON energyE.ON Energy is an energy company and supplier based in the United Kingdom, which supplies almost all European countries. It has both household and business clients. The company offers award-winning services, always aiming to meet electricity and gas needs to the fullest possible extent.

Generally, most of E.ON’s clients are very satisfied with the company’s utility services. Their energy solutions business provides power and gas to more than 5 million households, small and medium-sized enterprises and large enterprises throughout the UK. They are able to offer tailor-made technologies and innovative energy services to meet their clients’ needs.

E.ON encourages clients to use energy in moderation, insulate their homes and do a series of other things to stay energy fit. Some of the company’s clients have even been able to generate their own power through solar panels, ground source heat pumps and other microgeneration systems for households and businesses alike.

The company is registered at Westwood Way, Westwood Business Park, Coventry, postcode CV4 8LG as E.ON Energy Solutions Limited in England and Wales. Its registered number is 3407430 and VAT number GB 559 0978 89. Click here if you need more E.ON contact info.

Wind farms

The company operates 5 offshore and 16 onshore wind farms. It focuses on wind, dedicated biomass and onshore and offshore facilities. E.ON has invested almost 2.5 billion pounds in renewables on the territory of the United Kingdom and is responsible for renewable capacity up to a whopping 1GW.

Two years ago the company completed the construction of their fifth offshore wind farm, Humber Gateway, which is situated off the coast of Yorkshire and began building a 400MW Rampion offshore wind farm, situated off the coast of Sussex.

In 2014 E.ON completed Blackburn Meadows, their second dedicated biomass power station.

At the present, the company is working on London Array, which is set to become the biggest offshore wind farm in the world.

How to contact the company

E.ON employs online assistants to ensure self-service support. This is very important and has proven to be a very sound decision because lots of times people can fix problems themselves and don’t need to call at all. Calling for minor, trivial things wastes the client’s time and aggravates the staff.

How does online assistance work? It’s very simple. A window pops up prompting you to ask your question or state your issue. Then, a search engine delivers relevant results from the company site. This helps you find the information you need fast, and the Help and Support page is just a mouse click away. The online assistant leads you to an FAQ section that deals with the most typical issues like what to do in an emergency, how to pay your bill, meter readings and how to open and manage an account online. You can find the emergency numbers in the Help and Support menu. Click on the link above for more E.ON information, the numbers and some other numbers that may also prove important.

The Perfect 7 Steps Process For Choosing the Perfect Eyeglasses

Choosing the Perfect Eyeglasses

Choosing the Perfect Eyeglasses

Many people are scared of trying on glasses for fear of embarrassing themselves especially when other people are looking at them. The last thing we want is to make ourselves look like idiots in front of strangers and then label us as weird. Without further ado, here are seven steps to get those perfect eyeglasses (while avoiding headaches and shameful situations).Continue reading

Four signs that he’s into you

Four signs that he’s into you

Four signs that he’s into you

It’s the month of love, where you see couples holding hands on their romantic walks by the dozen. You can see them on the street, on the beach, at work, in college, in your building’s lobby, at the playground and almost every other place that falls within your line of sight. Basically, it’s the worst month of the year to be single. However, if that’s the way you feel, you need to realize that there is a whole bunch of guys out there who too feel the same way. Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, is looking for a valentine; and as much as we all love our pets, we wouldn’t want to spend the 14th of February with them.Continue reading

7 Corny & Creative Ways to Dump Someone

7 Corny and Creative Ways to Dump Someone

7 Corny and Creative Ways to Dump Someone

When it comes with dumping someone the ways are endless.  The problem comes with finding the best way.

In the dating world there are, and will always be, break-ups. Whether you are online dating, or conventionally dating, you’ll probably experience a break-up in your life. “Nearly one-third of all Americans have experienced a breakup in the past ten years” (Fetto, 2003). Most people who date experience several breakups in their life, most of which are difficult.  It doesn’t matter how many breakups someone goes through, they usually don’t get any easier, and sometimes they even get harder.Continue reading