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Top 5 Pleasing Places in India for Expecting Moms to Spend Quality Time

Pregnancy is a time when the expecting moms are advised to relax and be away from taking any stress over things. Travelling during this phase is best when you are in your second semester as there is less morning sickness and one is able to move and walk around easily. So, if you want to take a break from the mundane life especially when you are expecting, then India is a superb destination filled with numerous places to holiday in the pregnancy phase. These places are quite safe and have medical services and are also filled with verdant relaxing havens where you can de-stress yourself and spend some great quality time with your partner. So, here we present the best pleasing destinations in India for soon-to-be moms and we assure you that these travel spots are completely safe and will let you unwind through the intricate phase of pregnancy.  Continue reading

Explore Sweden1

Looking for an extra special way to spend your honeymoon? Explore Sweden

Traveling to Paris or Venice for your honeymoon is overrated. The newest trend is to explore unusual destinations that people know very little about. Unconventional traveling – especially for a honeymoon – is adventurous, puzzling, and at the same time rewarding. Choose a place you can remember for a lifetime, and become a hungry explorer. Sweden has everything you could possibly wish for – idyllic beach resorts, wine estates, luxury safari lodges, spectacular mountains, and breathtaking cities. Spend an unforgettable honeymoon, and check out the following destinations:Continue reading

Explore Africa - when & where

How a safari honeymoon can be a perfect blend of adventure and romance

Safaris are memorable travel experiences that can’t be compared with any other type of travel adventure. There’s something about the African desert that lures people in – the wild animals, luxurious resorts, wealth of attractions and rides on fancy jeeps will make sure honeymooners have the time of their life. Couples usually want to enjoy memorable travel experiences; they want to see the world but they don’t want to go to the most trivial travel spots. If u you don’t want to be like everyone else, a safari honeymoon is exactly what you need.Continue reading

Signs You Are Ready to Move In with Your Partner1

Signs You Are Ready to Move In with Your Partner

As we age, a lot of us want to meet someone we can spend the rest of our time with, the One that gives us the chance to live that happy life we always wanted. A classic example of bad decisions is to decide to move in too fast. If you have to share a home, moving into it will need to be made a serious decision. Here are some reasons why you would want to do that and when:Continue reading

Tips for Moving Abroad as a Couple3

Tips for Moving Abroad as a Couple

If you are keen on working together abroad, then you will need to be aware of a few things you need to work on before the big day. Let’s get started with what comes ahead so you can make it work:Continue reading

Moving Tips as a Single Parent1

Moving Tips as a Single Parent

Separations are much like a divorce in many ways, as this is one very serious situation when kids are involved. One hand you will have to handle the emotional mayhem left from the separation, but you will also need to focus on positive experiences, which can be a lot to juggle as you need to adapt to the new situation. It will take some work, but you can make it happen as long as you keep yourself calm and collected. In most cases when parents separate one of them will leave the home and this will have a major impact Continue reading

Honeymoon destinations in Eastern Europe2

Honeymoon destinations in Eastern Europe: What are the top picks for 2016?

Your honeymoon is potentially the best holiday of your life and certainly one you should remember for the rest of your life! In fact, some of the most romantic destinations are in Europe. If you are picking your honeymoon, or even just a romantic getaway; then choose from these top destinations:Continue reading

Family Moving Guidelines

Family Moving Guidelines and Tips

When you move you can contact the transportation office, moving company or more and you need to check for insurance options and a chance to research the place you plan on living in. These are quite a few things that need doing in the process of preparation. The following moving tips will give you a hand in what you need to do:Continue reading

Moving Abroad As A Single Lady1

Moving Abroad As a Single Lady

The expatriate lifestyle is not really meant for couples only as there are many single expats living abroad and a lot of them are of course women. They have decided to move on with their plans and future regardless of being single or in a relationship, making a leap of faith into a great unknown in a true pioneer way. Continue reading


7 Most Common Stereotypes about Frequent Business Travel

People hearing those professionals who frequently travel for business reasons have a lot of assumptions. These range from the hotel they are staying in, the leisure they are getting aside from the intended business purpose to the overall “vacation” experience. In this article, we will list down the seven most common stereotypes made about them.

1. Plenty of Time for Leisure

7 Most Common Stereotypes about Frequent Business Travel

Maybe you have friends posting on social media about their business trips. The backgrounds, if you notice, would mostly consist of the touristy places that everyone raves about in the country. Seeing these photos and status messages about famous landmarks makes one envious. However, this must not mean that the person traveling for business has a lot of time for leisure. In fact, there are only a handful of places that are visited while the remaining majority has to be spent working with clients or training with colleagues. The time designated for leisure and fun during these trips is so minimal that the person just could not help but share about “good times” before they are over.

2. Desire to Stay Longer

When visiting a foreign country, the tendency for regular travellers is to like the feeling and idea of wandering around the place so much so that they want to stay there for more. Some people would not want to leave anymore, especially in countries in Europe. However, the reality for frequent business travellers is that the feeling is quite the opposite. Since they are traveling for business or work, the place must evoke a sense of pressure and stress to them. The area of travel is much remembered as where they should accomplish all their tasks before coming home.

3. Dining in Five-star Restaurants

Meeting with clients and vendors may allow them to dine in at posh restaurants and hotels, but this is not happening all the time. Companies which send out people for business or work reasons often set a budget for travel. In most cases, the budget cannot be stretched out further to accommodate dining to fancy and high-star restaurants. Frequent business travellers would save money as they are given only a limited amount of it. Also, they would have to report their expenses as they go back. As long as they are able to feed themselves, a decent canteen or food court may do just fine.

4. Learning More Cultures

People may think that when hopping from one country to another, frequent business travellers learn more cultures of ethnicities and different nations. But this is not entirely true. Since most time is devoted to the real purpose of the trip which is either work or serious business, communicating with locals and sharing cultures is not the focus. With the finite time they are present, rubbing elbows with them during meeting may be their only chance to share some personal stuff about themselves.

5. Riding on Nice Cars

Many assume that business travellers ride on nice cars all the time to impress clients and business folks. Instead of riding taxicabs, renting private cars or hiring a driver or chaperone to guide them in the travel, frequent business travellers would have more experiences and ideas to get them to places on their own. Commuting via public transportation is most ideal.

6. Enjoying Airport Stay

Airports are not a really good place to stay for long. Although they are equipped with nice lounge areas and reception areas, shopping stalls and dining establishments, travellers waiting for their flights feel bored, too. Frequent business travellers are already tired of having to fly from one country to another and they must also be tired worrying about luggage apart from keeping themselves safe while abroad. The least they want to experience is to be on a hospital bed after being severely stressed or badly injured.

7. Glamorous Shopping

People back home almost always expect their friend or family who are traveling even for business cause to get them unique things or souvenirs. Even if the traveler has gone to the country many times, they also feel guilty when returning to their home country without buying anything as a gift and remembrance. Frequent business travellers cannot afford to go glamorous shopping. Rather, these souvenir items are purchased mostly at the last minute—when they are in the airport or when they happen to stop by at a dainty shop before going to a meeting.


Fancy dining, staying in at enormous and classy hotels and finding luxury are all common stereotypes that are linked to frequent business travellers. The reality is that with the limited budget they are provided with, they prefer to channel their resources to make themselves just safe and comfortable while in another place.

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