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Prenup Photoshoot

Prenup Goals: How to Plan a Perfect Prenup Photoshoot

Weddings are always faced with joyous hearts and positive attitude. It’s a celebration of love and togetherness between two people and their families. It’s so monumental that every step of it—from the preparations up to the wedding day itself are documented in various forms.

A part of it that’s gaining a lot of attraction and trending now is the prenup photoshoot. It allows the couple to document their memories and feelings when their wedding day is just around the corner.

The nervousness and the excitement can all be seen in these wedding and prenup photos, making it a great piece of memory to look back to. You can tell your backstory to your family and future children with matching photos to have the full experience of this once in a lifetime moment.

So, what are the specific things you can do to make sure you have a perfect prenup photoshoot? Here are some tips you should keep in mind before you and your loved one pose for the camera:


  1. Sit down with your partner and talk about your history

One way to help you decide on the theme and everything is to look back at how your love for each other started. The day when you first met, the location, and even some quirky things like the food on your first date or the day he or she finally met your family—these are all things which can help you intensify the emotion and decide on a theme you both surely want.


  1. Identify each other’s common interests

Through the time that you are together, you have definitely talked to each other about your common interests. These are the things that strengthened your relationship and could be a helpful element in having a perfect prenup photoshoot. You can start with the activities you both enjoy doing or some favorite hobbies like watching movies, eating out, or binge watching a TV series.

By sourcing your pegs from these, you can make sure that both of you are comfortable in front of the camera because these activities and hobbies are familiar as the back of your hands. You’ll also make sure that the prenup photoshoot concept already has a meaning for the both of you.


  1. Find pegs for inspiration

After deciding on a theme, you can already build a mood board for all your inspirations. From color palette, hair, makeup, outfit, and even the location, you can find pegs for inspiration for each aspect.

This is to ensure that all your decisions and purchases are in line with the theme you’ve chosen. Surely, you want everything to look cohesive. However, don’t be eaten up by the theme alone. Keep in mind that this is about the both of you, so make sure both of your personalities are evident in person and in photos.


  1. Look for your happy place

Finding the perfect location can be a tricky one. The travel time, the weather, and the capacity of the location to actually hold a photo shoot (permits and fees) should all be considered by the couple.

Whatever romance and love mean to the both of you, choose that location. You don’t have to be in line with the standards or where most of the couples are taking theirs. Just be in the location you both want to be because when you look back, you’ll find it meaningful and extra special.


  1. Know your photographer

The next step is to relay these ideas to your photographer. It is important that the ideas in your mood board and the vibe of the location should translate to the photos that the photographer is going to take.

Even if your photographer is as great as Ralph Wunsch, he won’t be able to execute without a proper brief. Be comfortable with the photographer to not look tense and anxious in the photos.

By getting to know the man behind the lens, both of you will be comfortable with each other and shoot wonderful photos.


  1. Schedule everything

Create a timeline for everything to prepare all the things you need. By setting a schedule, not only do you respect the time of all the people involved, but also you and your partner’s peace of mind. The last thing you want in prenup photoshoot is an incomplete set and a hurried schedule.


  1. Live in the moment

And lastly, after everything is all set, enjoy and live in the moment. This is a special moment for the both of you. You’ve waited for this moment for such a long time, and it’s now finally coming true.

Don’t be too pressured to strike a perfect pose or have an emotion. All of these should come naturally. Focus on you and your partner and let the photographer do his wonders. Breathe in and breathe out. All will turn out as you expected them to be.
With these tips in mind, you’ll surely have a prenup photoshoot both you and your partner will never forget.


Must Read Engagement Ring Facts

Are you about to pop the question? Here’s what you need to know about engagement rings.

The engagement ring is an ever-present reminder of the time you got engaged to the love of your life. It is a symbol of love and represents the bond you share with your partner.

Now, the average cost of an engagement ranges anywhere from $1000 to $6000. So picking up the right engagement ring requires some taught and research.  If your future wife is choosing it herself, half the job is done. But if you are going to surprise your special one with a sparkling engagement ring and go down on your keen to pop the question, finding the best possible ring should be your top priority.

Every year big, reputable jewelry brands design stunning rings. Luckily for you, there are thousands to choose from. Make sure that you question her friends before purchasing the ring, they might know her style better than you do! Here, we have collected 20 facts about engagement rings to help you with your buying decision. A big decision to make because this is going to be the purchase that lasts for a lifetime. A purchase that’s going to cost you a large sum of money!


Tungsten Wedding Rings For Men

This infographic was researched and designed by Elena from www.americantungsten.com – rings for him

How Can Jealousy Ruin Your Marital Life – Jealousy in Marriage

How Can Jealousy Ruin Your Marital Life – Jealousy in Marriage

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Online Dating Tips

Dating Tips for Successful Dating

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In earlier times, individuals met each other at social gatherings, parties, churches, schools, colleges, workplace, pubs, etc. Nowadays, people are preferring online methods for dating. Whether one is looking for a long term relationship or a casual fling, there are sites which cater to different needs.Continue reading

Relationship Toxic

6 “Normal” Habits That Can Turn A Relationship Toxic

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11 Romantic Habits Couples In Happiest Marriages Have

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5 style mistakes to avoid on a first date

Ahhhh, the agony and the ecstasy of the first date! While we all hope we’ll have a safe turn to Loverville straight after the first kiss, things may go unpredicted with even the slightest mistake.

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6 things not to do during sex

6 things not to do during sex ? Plus a bonus gift!

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Make Your Marriage Work

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Perfect Birthday Gifts for Your Girlfriend

Perfect Birthday Gifts for Your Girlfriend

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