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Wedding Tips: Have Something More than Pictures When You Start to Build Your Life Together!

Have you found your perfect life partner to spend your whole life with and engage in those purposeful life experiences you have always wanted? If the answer is yes, this means that you are ready to get married and start a new life together. The event that symbolizes your special love story needs to be unique and match your dreams.

This means that you need to have something more than pictures from the event that celebrates the beginning of your new life together. Therefore, we have made our research and we are now ready to reveal the best wedding tips that will help you achieve this in 2017. Let’s discover these together and see how you can plan the wedding of your dreams this year.

The Perfect Wedding for the Couple and the Guests

When you start planning a wedding, you must not only think of yourself as the future queen and king of the event but also of your guests. The whole charm of a successful event such as a wedding comes from the way in which the people attending it feel like during the special celebration. Therefore, you need to pay careful attention to every detail so that your guests might have a great time celebrating your special union beside you.

You need to have a clear idea of how many guests will be attending your special event. This way, you will be able to plan the perfect love event for yourself and them. It all starts with the choice of the perfect wedding venue, gorgeous decorations that match the selected theme and surprises for the guests. You need an ample space so that everyone attending your event might feel comfortable that day. Also, you need to overcome the traditional limits and surprise your guests with special moments that they will love.

Such ideas make a wedding unforgettable and offer everyone attending it much more than just a few photos taken together. Everyone takes something back home in their mind and heart when attending an event that has overcome their expectations. Also, just from seeing the joy in the eyes of your guests, you will also gain something more than photographic memories from the most special event in your life.

Go for an Unusual Wedding Venue for This Special Event

When you wish to plan a unique and unusual wedding event, you need to think out of the box and make some bold choices in terms of venues. Everyone can plan a classic, traditional wedding at home but special couples overcome such limits and choose unusual wedding venues Suffolk for their special celebration. Why are such choices better? Because you want your guests to perceive your event as a one-of-a-kind experience during which they remember the value of discovering the world while treasuring the endless value of love.

Destination weddings are the best occasion for yourself and your guests to experience a wedding in a different manner. Going someplace new where most of you have never been and spending these special moments together will make your wedding the best event of the year. All your guests will wait for this event as the perfect occasion to travel and have a great time celebrating the union of two people they love and treasure.

Organize the Best Event of Your Life

Moreover, when it comes to destination weddings, the range of options at your disposal is endless. You can choose gorgeous wedding cottages where you can organize the best event of your life. It will be a surprising experience both for you as the couple getting married and your guests. We have all attended weddings in the case of which everything was as expected. However, the ones which we attended and that truly remained in our mind and heart is those that were special, organized in a special location and following a special theme.

Finally, when you wish to plan the perfect wedding that everyone will remember, you need to keep such tips in mind. Having your own secret wedding weapons in your sleeve and surprising your guests are the key elements for planning a successful event this year. Choose a unique wedding venue, decorate it nicely and go for event surprises that will astonish everyone.

This Is How Couples In Happy and Healthy Relationships Fight

“We never fight,” said no couple ever.

Every couple has gone through tough times and heated arguments, including the sweetest and happiest ones. However, these couples may argue in a different manner.

Fights, for couples in healthy relationships, are meant to build a stronger bond, not ruin it. They see their quarrels as nothing but clearing up issues and addressing differences, not winning over the other and take pride from it. Even the purpose of why they yell at each other is centered on love.

Ever wondered how couples in happy relationships and marriages fight? Here are the eight things they do and don’t do.


1. Smart couples don’t run from fights
They face them.

Couples in healthy relationships communicate openly and do not make the other guess what’s on their mind. They talk about the things that bother them and are not afraid to tackle big, deep topics, like “what if I still don’t want to have kids?” They discuss things and try to resolve conflicts and differences before they head to bed so the issues won’t be brought up in the future. They don’t hang up in the middle of a heated argument or cut their partner out.

Some big, “taboo” topics seem to be better off hidden under the rug but when they are left unaddressed, they could turn into a giant pile of dirt. They lead to an unnecessary drama which could have been avoided in the first place.

2. They give and take

I’m not saying that happy couples remain calm and steady during arguments and say “you forgot to wash the dishes again” in monotone. Nobody’s perfect. They raise voices. They even swear. But they surely know how to communicate and take turns.

They know the value of giving and taking – you talk, I listen; I talk, you listen. They try to understand both sides of the story, and respond in the most respective way instead of overlapping voices, trying to fight back and win over the other.

3. They acknowledge the other’s point of view or feelings
No matter how irrational they may be. Couples in healthy relationships try to fit in the other person’s shoes and acknowledge where they are coming from. They do their best to see the other side of the argument and are not focused solely on their own side of the story.

4. They don’t lower themselves to name-calling
Okay, some couples tease each other with silly names for fun. For some, it’s their way of showing they are comfortable with each other. But when it comes to arguments, name-calling may lead to dirty fighting.

Happy couples don’t lower themselves to using abusive and insulting language no matter how heated things get. They know that every single thing the other person says should be taken seriously, and it’s hard to take back the impact of the hurtful sarcasm.

5. They give each other the benefit of the doubt
Just because a friend told you that she saw your spouse talking to a girl yesterday doesn’t automatically imply he’s cheating on you.

Smart couples don’t make quick accusations or jump to conclusions without knowing the whole story. Trust is such a strong word. With this, they don’t easily believe all the information from a third party. In these situations, people in healthy relationships choose to quiet their insecurities and doubts, listen and try to give their partner the benefit of the doubt.

6. They cool down
When things get out of hand, couples in successful relationships know how to cool down and take some time out to clear one’s mind off. They have mastered self-soothing tricks, like eating or resting, to ensure that they could think and respond to the issue more effectively. They also make sure they aren’t just hungry before they yell at each other.

7. They know how to apologize and forgive
“Sorry” and “apology accepted” – these are two powerful terms we shouldn’t take for granted and say for the sole purpose of getting over with an exhausting argument. We should mean every damn letter. Healthy couples know how to apologize and forgive, and when it’s all settled, it’s done.

That’s why they don’t bring up past arguments. Issues, that are talked about and resolved in the past, have no place in a present argument to be used against the other.

8. They never forget that they’re a team
It’s not about mine, or yours; it’s about ours.

Even in the midst of an intense quarrel, happy couples never forget that they’re on the same team. They have the same goal – to have a mutually beneficial resolution, and they work toward achieving that common goal. More than anything else, they want their relationship to work and grow stronger.


Author Bio:

Carmina Natividad is one of the writers for The Relationship Room, a couples psychology institution specializing in relationship counseling and therapies for couples and families. When she’s not using her pen in writing self-help articles focused on love, dating, and relationships, she spends her time creating poems and screenplays, painting, and making music.

15 ways to bring your first date to ruin

The night is still young, you walk in and see the beautiful lady you have been texting for the longest time. It was just the other day that you decided to meet up for a first date. Everything seems blurry to you. This is all new, considering you have been experiencing the longest dry-spell in the history of dry spells. This is definitely a make or break moment for you. The first date either leads to the next or you going back to your ex asking what you did wrong again. It is an avenue to open up to each other, and if you play your cards right, you might actually seal the deal. In order to pull this off, attention to details is key. You must pull off the macho man/girl persona, create an impression that won’t be easy to forget. In today’s world, there exist no rules when it comes to the first date. Everything and anything can be considered relative. With such conditions existing, anything can go wrong at any time, but heed my wisdom, and the night will sail through smoothly.

  1. Prepare for Nothing While Expecting Everything. Be prepared! First dates can be nerve-racking, but with adequate preparation, you will come out on top. Preparation does not involve googling “how to.” All you need to know are her interests, her preferences, does she drink? Is she a vegan? The list is endless. You don’t want to be in an all meat joint, yet she has staunch beliefs against consumption of flesh. That immediately is a deal-breaker.
  2. Keep Time. If there is anything I have learnt in my few years of dating, it’s if you can’t be on time, be early. Tardiness is the first signal when it comes to figuring out a person. The moment you start getting texts and phone calls asking where you are, is the moment the date takes a first dive. When it comes to first dates, the only acceptable excuse when you end up late is that you died, and hence could not make it at the agreed upon time.
  3. Talking too much. I do want to know you better. But in all fairness, bombarding me with details and facts about yourself and your experiences will only seem like you are a self-obsessed and obnoxious person. I will barely find any space in between your life narration to tell you more about myself or react to what you are saying. It should be a conversation and therefore when it comes to first dates, everyone should at least get the opportunity to say something.
  4. Bringing up Past Relationships. Sometimes you get the urge to talk about how your ex was pretty awesome yet a tiny devil at the same time. It is not entirely wrong to delve into this topic. My advice would be to tread softly because when it comes to past love, you might spew out everything, leaving nothing to speculation whatsoever. This consequently will lead to your date being self-conscious or listening to the history of someone who might end up being their competitor in the unprecedented future.
  5. Concentrating on your Phone. When you make a full-grown person dress up and get all excited about meeting you, at the very least, make it worth their while. The more you concentrate on your phone, the more your date gets pissed off. This beautiful being can be sitting in front of you, yet you barely notice them because Instagram has all of a sudden become more engrossing.
  6. Eating hurriedly or too slow. Though grossly overlooked, your eating behavior is quite important when it comes to first dates. You do not want to be eating all night while she is busy trying to tell you something. You might end up putting your manners aside, which is quite unpleasant. Try as much as possible to maintain the same pace with your date.
  7. Insinuate Sex. Truth be told, changing trends might leave you clueless on what to expect on the first date. The television is the biggest liar when it comes to sex and first dates. Some get lucky, while the vast majority do not. Thus, always have an open mind with realistic expectations. Letting things flow naturally is the best way to go about it.
  8. Not Minding Personal Space. The more comfortable you get, the higher your chances of accidentally stepping on her toes are. Once can be accepted, but when you are constantly apologizing for consistently crushing her toes with your foot, your date is turning sour. Be certain not to intrude on his/her personal space.
  9. Turning up Drunk. You decide to take one for the road, to ease you up and calm you down. Sounds like a good idea at first, but one is never enough. Liquid courage is never accepted on the first date. It is always a turnoff when you reek of alcohol.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    
  10. Being Nervous. Nervousness is never anticipated. It happens more times than not. But in such a graceful occasion, you need to bring out the big guns! Try as much as possible and be yourself. Everyone likes a confident, calm and collected individual. You therefore have to keep your nerves.
  11. Lack of Proper Dress Code. The theme of the date defines everything. Being overdressed or under-dressed might ruin the date. Depending on the set-up of the venue, decide conscientiously on what to wear. Make sure to always look good at all times.
  12. Last Minute Cancellation. This is obviously unacceptable when it comes to first dates. Have a clear and open schedule that day. Prepare for any unforeseen circumstances. If anything arises, ensure you either postpone it or delegate it to someone else. Simply make sure you have made it to the venue. If something inevitable occurs, rescheduling the date may be prudent. But this should be done at least 4 hours earlier.
  13. Ignoring Common Courtesy. Common courtesy suggests the guy covers the bill. This is one unspoken rule. The only loophole to this rule is when the lady suggests she cover the whole bill or her personal bill. In such instances, a gentleman would insist he pays but should ensure he isn’t being headstrong. If she insists, let her have her way.
  14. Asking Weird Questions. When it comes to first dates, conversation is key. Any wrong or misplaced word may render the date ruined, and therefore you need to pay attention to the nitty-gritty details. There are several awkward questions to ask a girl – avoid them. These are landmines you should not venture to. Questions on weight, sex partners or surgeries she’s had. This list is endless. Simply play safe.
  15. Ignoring your Date’s Cues. They say actions speak louder than words for a reason. Your date may express indirectly that she might be uncomfortable or needs to go. Blatantly ignoring these subtle but serious suggestions may prove detrimental and might cost you a next date.

It is never rocket-science when it comes to the first date, even though it seems so. The best advice you can get is to try as much as possible and be yourself. Break the ice while being mindful of the others contribution, in order to make your first date a success.

How Can Jealousy Ruin Your Marital Life – Jealousy in Marriage

Have you ever seen an award show of Hollywood film industry, if yes then you must saw the nominations, which are based on a number of actors but finally an anchor revealed the name of the award winner? All the other actors’ applause for who wins the award, but one face from particular award nomination not seemed to be happy and often show some negative facial expression against the winner. This particular feeling is known as the jealousy.  So, it does not mean that it only belongs to the actors from the film fraternity, it also belongs to the all of the characters belongs to the world. So, in short, it can be anyone who is jealous of someone. So, jealousy is not a bad thing, while you are in a healthy competition, it boost you up in order to prove yourself a better sportsman, better employee, and better competitor, but it will be bad if this stuff falls in some particular category like in relationship of husband and wife girlfriend or boyfriend then it will cost you heavily.  We all have issues sometimes, mostly spouses used to of regularly tracking their husband’s movements and communications. Husbands mostly want to hide some very normal things from his partner because of her suspicious behavior and because if she comes to know things it could be turned into fights. Sometimes the lack of trust and the suspicious behavior of your partner lead a couple to on the brink of failure.  All the problems if any couple is facing in their relationship are just because of the disease of jealousy.

An Irish writer Elizabeth Bowen once wrote that “a jealousy is nothing but it is a type of feeling of being alone against the smiling enemies” this statement is telling clearly that a state in which a person perceive that all others are happy, joyful and secretly mocking while on the other hand we are lonely and seems to be fooled.

What actually drive jealousy?

So, what actually drive us towards jealousy and make us suffer, is it always just because of smiling enemies? Or something else is contributing as well. We all have some sort of insecurities like a wife has insecurities regarding her husband’s bold secretary and a husband has insecurity regarding her wife that maybe she had a boyfriend in her college days and she is still in contact with your wife.  These sorts of imaginable characters we all have in our minds. Fear is the closest form of jealousy, let’s suppose that someone has a competition with their other colleagues in an office, there would be one single particular character whom you think that he might give you a tough time. So if you have a fear being lost from that particular person will drive you in a state of jealousy. So, fear has the closest relationship with the term jealousy.

Jealousy can ruin a marriage:

It is the very obvious thing, that when a couple doesn’t have an understanding and trust in each other and having a lot of love, that type of relationship cannot remain longer. When a husband or wife has a suspicious mind and he or she always try to spying on each other activities then there would be a number of possibilities that the relationship or marriage will remain no longer. It happens because you might think that your husband has relationship with other women’s too, and may be husband think that her wife is very beautiful and innocent and her boss taking more interest in your wife affairs all these things are indicating the factor of being jealous.  Your partner may be ignoring your childish things because he or she knows you are the one who cares the most about him or her.  If you are going to make a habit of being suspicious then your partner may realize that you should not remain in a relationship, so jealousy is the very harmful disease for the relationship or can ruin your marital life.

Jealousy in marriage:

It is not normal while having jealousy being a married person; there are many factors that can trigger anyone of being jealous. It can cause by many factors like someone have unrealistic expectations from their male or female partners, or having a misunderstood sense of ownership of your spouse, are anyone has experience of betrayal from their loved one, insecurity, poor self-image and scary version of losing anyone or a desire to control their partner. All of these factors in marriage may affect your marital status and your marriage can turn into the breaking of your relationship with your partner.

Can jealousy be overcome?

Yes, by applying positive rules and regulations a couple can be overcome with jealousy. Self-awareness and better understanding are very helpful for a healthy marriage life. A couple should follow few steps then there will be major possibilities to overcome from the curse of jealousy.

  • A person who is insecure or jealous from anything or from a person knows that he or she is jealous or scared, so first, you need to admit that you are jealous and you are the one who is making problems in your marriage.
  • If a person has any issue regarding anything he or she should discuss with your partner that that is the main reason of my jealousy, your partner will automatically take care of all the problems you have and he or she will boost your trust level.
  • When you are making plans to monitor your partner, you are making a big mistake share your insecurities and problems but don’t spy your partner.
  • Counseling is the best thing to do if you are facing the problem of being jealous.
  • Always remember that everyone has the freedom to do anything, so don’t go for controlling your loved one if he or she us yours then he or she will come back for you.
  • Once you married to someone make some rules to follow in order to remove any sort of misconception.


Jealousy is a curse and it is better to avoid from this suicidal disease, being jealous you can only put harm to yourself and your partner if you are in a relationship or you are married person. Building a healthy relationship is only depends on the level of trust you have made in your relationship. Remove all the fear and scary version you have just try to face if something is really getting worse in your life. Jealousy is not an option, dealing with it is a solution and removing it from your life is the only decision you have to make.

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